I Didn’t Watch This Game: Canucks at Detroit Red Wings, October 22, 2012

On Monday night, the Canucks didn’t have their first meeting of the season with the Detroit Red Wings. Last season the two teams finished with identical 2-1-1 records against each other thanks to each team picking up a win after regulation. This means, of course, that the two teams are so evenly matched that absolutely nothing would have happened in this game, which, incidentally, is exactly what actually happened.

It would have been a complete stalemate, which would have been avoidable if the Canucks hadn’t traded Cody Hodgson, chess master, away. Way to go, Gillis.

I didn’t watch this game.

Canucks 0 – 0 Red Wings

  • I don’t have any highlights to show from the game that didn’t happen, but I do have this video of Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel singing “The Confrontation” from Les Miserables, which I think we can all agree is much better.
  • One of the big rumours we were following during the off-season was the potential signing of Jason Arnott, who was my preferred candidate for the third-line centre vacancy. Rumour had it that if the Canucks didn’t sign Shane Doan, they were going to sign Arnott. Doan didn’t sign, but then neither did Arnott. The main caveat is that the lockout began almost immediately, meaning Arnott couldn’t sign. Really, though, it’s for the best. At this time last year, Marco Sturm, last year’s “big” free agent signing, had disappointed everyone and gotten shipped out of town for David Booth.
  • Basically, I’m saying Jason Arnott would have been terrible and traded to the Florida Panthers for Tomas Kopecky. That’s just how it works.
  • Speaking of the Marco Sturm trade, Mikael Samuelsson is back with the Red Wings. If the season gets cancelled entirely, we’ll be robbed of seeing Samuelsson on 24/7. Given his tendency for frank honesty and his penchant for casual swearing, Samuelsson is tailor-made for the HBO series. He could have been the breakout star this year, akin to Ilya Bryzgalov but with less speculating on the nature of the universe and more cussing.
  • This would have been the first season for the Red Wings in over two decades without Nicklas Lidstrom on the blue line. This leaves Niklas Kronwall and Ian White to anchor the defence, which means the Sedins would have scored eleventy kajillion goals. I would have liked to see that.
  • We forgot to mention this when we talked about the Predators last week, but one of the things I am most happy about is that Jordin Tootoo isn’t in Nashville any more so we won’t have to hear those infernal train whistles whenever he hits the ice. If that tradition makes its way to Detroit, I will be displeased. Instead, the Red Wings should co-opt the Jonathan Cheechoo song. Cheechoo, oh yeah, Cheechoo!
  • Unlike the Canucks, the Red Wings have plenty of players in Europe during the lockout. According to EliteProspects.com, 9 players have signed with European clubs, while the Canucks have just one: Dale Weise. Henrik Zetterberg is just destroying the Swiss league with 5 goals and 2 assists in just 2 games, but Weise has done well for himself in the Netherlands as well. We knew he scored 34 seconds into his first game with the Trappers, but once he got settled in, he dominated in his second game, with a goal and 5 assists. That means he has 8 points in 2 games, one point better than Zetterberg. This means, of course, that Dale Weise is better than Henrik Zetterberg. The evidence is irrefutable.
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