Eddie Lack’s new pads are crazy and will hunt you down

While I never played ice hockey growing up, I regularly played street hockey with my friends. For some reason, I naturally gravitated towards being a goaltender, which was absurd given my small stature. But I had good reflexes, agility, and flexibility, so I stuck with it.

One of the best Christmas presents I ever received was a set of Ed Belfour street hockey goalie gear. They weren’t much more than foam with nylon wrapped around them, but I loved them. The baseball catcher-style chest protector was almost bigger than my entire body, so I didn’t wear it, leading to many bruises on my chest, but the light pads worked well with my agile, stand-up style.

Their best feature, however, was the image on the pads: half of Eddie “The Eagle” Belfour’s iconic mask was reproduced across each pad, causing them to form the entire mask when you brought the pads together. Besides being a helpful guide for knowing which pad to put on which leg, it also made the pads look exceptionally cool, which isn’t easy when it comes to cheap foam street hockey pads.

Why do I tell this story now? Because Eddie “The Stork” Lack has some new pads with a very similar design.

Lack’s new pads are made by Brian’s Custom Sports and feature the Chicago Wolves’ logo emblazoned across both pads, which looks striking on the otherwise plain white.

In Goal Magazine has all the details:

Like [Chris] Mason’s new pads, Lack has gone with the all-new Brian’s G-NETik line, this time customized with the logo of the AHL Chicago Wolves. Lack’s pads are unique though not just in the custom design, but also in their construction. While Mason is using the stock 3-3-3 pads – the softest break options at the boot, and above and below the knee – Lack prefers the stiffest set up, a 1-1-1 construction, with a pre-curve above the knee.

Chris Mason made waves last season with his own custom set of pads that used the Winnipeg Jets logo in similar fashion. The Jets’ logo, with its strong angles and symmetrical design, worked well on the pads, giving Mason a very cohesive look on the ice.

The Wolves’ logo, on the other hand, looks a little bit more strange on Lack’s pads. The logo is asymmetrical and a little off-centre, mainly because it is normally backed by a stick and puck on the jerseys themselves.

That said, it’s certainly an eye-catching design and I’ll reserve further judgement until I see them in action.

The blocker and trapper, on the other hand, look amazing. These pieces of equipment don’t have to deal with the issue of the asymmetrical logo, leaving just a snarling, crazy-eyed wolf staring you down. It looks a little like the wolf is peering around the corner of a wall at you, which is a thoroughly unsettling image. There’s nowhere to hide.

Also, is it just me or does the right half of the wolf’s face look crazier than the other half? It just seems like the wolf on Lack’s left pad is far more likely to go into an insane fury and attack everything in sight.

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  1. John in Marpole
    October 12, 2012

    Usually I’m all ‘meh’ when it comes to mostly white pads, but those look spectacular.

    The reason, I think, that the right side looks meaner is there is more black and less gray on that side of the wolf face. In particular the brow above the eye is more severe.

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