Kevin Bieksa does the weather on Global Morning News; breaking: he’s bad at it (VIDEO)

Clearly, picking up a parking ticket hasn’t discouraged Kevin Bieksa from visiting to UBC. Last week, it was announced that he and his Buddies — a team that includes Jannik Hansen, Cory Schneider, Willie Mitchell and some other special guests — would be playing a charity game versus the UBC Thunderbirds on October 17th. Tickets went on sale Saturday morning, and because this market is absolutely starved for Canucks hockey, and because it’s only a 5000-seat stadium, they were sold out by Saturday afternoon.

On Tuesday, Bieksa appeared on Global’s Morning News to discuss the already sold-out event, the lockout and, in a surprise turn, do the weather. This might not come as much of a surprise to you, but Bieksa is a lot better at starting the breakout than he is at forecasting the week.

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Not even Michael Buble can save the ugliest knockoff Canucks poncho in existence

You’re looking at a close-up shot of the worst knockoff Canucks poncho I’ve ever seen.

I encountered it this summer in Mexico at a shop in Playa Del Carmen. A lot of the merchants along the strip were hocking NHL knockoff gear, likely because of the surfeit of Canadians that vacation in the area, but this particular article jumped out at me, as did the merchant’s sale pitch. He tried draw me in by insisting that the poncho was official, licensed gear, and then misread my raised eyebrow as full-blown suckerdom and asked $150 for it. Of course, I know full well that the NHL store doesn’t have a line of licensed ponchos, and I also know that official licensed Canucks gear wouldn’t have “Vancouver” written in wrap text inside of the orca.

And the colour scheme was all wrong. The merchant insisted it was up-to-date, but it looked more like something from the West Coast Express era. Of course, that jersey was navy blue, deep blue, and maroon with silver trim. The poncho was blue-black and cyan with brick red and white trim.

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