I Find This Photo Odd: Kevin Bieksa is a crooner

While searching through the Canucks.com archives for poorly-dressed Canucks, I happened across a great photo of Kevin Bieksa appearing to entertain Ryan Kesler and Chris Higgins with some impromptu acapella, using his stick as a microphone. I chuckled to myself and moved on.

But then I found another one, this time using a wireless handheld water bottle.

It turns out that Bieksa simply loves to sing. We should have known: he famously burst out into song during an interview with Scott Oake and he loves playing to a crowd. Now, in the spirit of the many axes of Cory Schneider, PITB takes a look at Kevin Bieksa’s lockout plans, where he’s taking a chance on a new career as a singer.

Little known Tru FaktTM: Kevin Bieksa loves Carly Rae Jepsen. Here he joins Carly and Owl City on stage for their hit single, “Good Time.”

Hoping to jump start his career, Bieksa appeared on The Voice, but was unable to get any of the judges to turn their chairs around.

Bieksa loves all versions of the game Rock Band, but has particular affection for LEGO Rock Band. Unfortunately, he can’t find anyone to play with him due to his habit of standing directly in front of the screen and blocking everyone’s view.

Carlos Santana is really running out of  vocalists with whom to collaborate.

Finally, playing off a photoshop done by dedicated Bulie SteveB back in November, 2011, here’s Bieksa as the frontman for a Cake cover band that calls themselves Icing.

Get it? Icing? Because they cover Cake!

…I am so sorry.


Photo Credits:
Bieksa photos: Jeff Vinnick, Canucks.com
Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City: Theo Wargo, Getty Images
The Voice: NBC.com
LEGO Rock Band: IGN.com
Carlos Santana: miami.com

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  1. cathylu
    October 3, 2012


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  2. DanD
    October 3, 2012

    Haha! Icing! I love it!

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  3. Canucklehead_in_T.O.
    October 3, 2012

    I was worried my Lockout would be tragically devoid of horrible puns, but I should have known better. You PITBers always come through. Way to be, boys. Way to be.

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  4. the real bob
    October 4, 2012

    During the lockout, some players go to europe to play, some train…bieksa sings

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