The PITB Twitter 50: a starter pack of Canucks follows

Earlier this week, Sports Illustrated released their second annual Twitter 100, a countdown of the 100 most essential Twitter accounts in sports. Shortly thereafter, Deadspin released a rebuttal, a list of the 67 worst. With Twitter lists on our mind, we thought it might be worth creating something similar for Canucks fans. This is that: the Pass it to Bulis Twitter 50.

Now, this list — juried by myself, Daniel, and an anonymous third party who is to blame for any omission or selection that offends you — provides 50 accounts worth a follow if you’re a Canucks fan on Twitter: beat guys, radio stations, fans, bloggers and players. But, of course, the Canucks community is much larger than just 50 accounts, which is why we’ve avoided naming this “The Essential 50″ or “50 must-follows” or some such other nonsense that suggests you’re doing it wrong if you’re not following these accounts, or that other accounts are somehow not as good.

It’s for that same reason that they’re presented in no particular order. These are just 50 accounts we think Canuck fans will benefit from following. Effectively, think of the PITB Twitter 50 as a starter pack.

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