Ryan Kesler and Maxim Lapierre star in: drive-by spanking (VIDEO)

The Vancouver Canucks were back in town last week for the Jake Milford Invitational charity golf tournament, an annual event at Surrey’s Northview Golf Course. For many, the story of this tournament was the return of Roberto Luongo, who has been traded away by the city of Vancouver, but had to come back anyway because Mike Gillis has yet to follow suit.

But the reassembling of the Canucks also meant the return of Ryan Kesler, who has a tendency to get up to shenanigans. And, considering charity golf tournaments are practically a breeding ground for shenanigans, it was a certainty that Kesler would get up to shenanigans at this charity golf tournament. Knowing this, Canucks.com wisely gave him a camera and a microphone and set him loose.

Somewhere along the way, Kesler also obtained a golf cart, and the result was the first ever drive-by spanking in Canucks.com history. Kesler’s first victim: Maxim Lapierre.

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