No, Virginia, signing Shane Doan doesn’t mean Alex Burrows is done in Vancouver

Canucks fans are on edge today, waiting to find out whether Shane Doan will be their new favourite player or not. With the news that Doan is down to deciding between Vancouver and Phoenix by 2:00 pm today, excitement and nervousness abound. While many are thrilled with the prospect of adding a player with Doan’s skill and experience, others have their concerns.

Doan will be 36 by the time the season starts; is he too far past his prime? He’s scored 30+ goals just twice in his career and has never scored a point-per-game; is he overhyped? He plays a hard-nosed, physical style; could injury problems crop up as his career comes to a close?

These are all valid concerns to discuss. Today, a new, completely invalid, concern was introduced to the conversation. Could the signing of Shane Doan signal the end of Alex Burrows?

This wasn’t just anyone making the suggestion. It was the official twitter account of News 1130 Sports, which usually sticks to reporting actual news. They should probably stick to that, as when they delve into the realm of opinion, things go a little haywire.

With that tweet, Canucks fans went a little nuts. Canucks fans adore Burrows. He’s arguably the most-loved player on the team. Suggesting that Burrows is gone if Doan signs in Vancouver is tantamount to signing a death warrant for Doan. If Doan signed and Burrows was traded away, it would look more than a little like when Messier signed and Linden was traded away. Just ask Canucks fans how they feel about Messier.

Fortunately for Canucks fans, it doesn’t actually make any sense.

Despite many salivating at the idea of Doan with the Sedin twins, Burrows has had such long-term success on the top line that it’s unlikely he’ll be separated from them. Doan is far more likely to play on Kesler’s wing on the second line. So Doan won’t be taking his job.

He also won’t be taking up the capspace reserved for Burrows, who should be receiving a rather hefty raise on his next contract. At $2 million on his current contract, Burrows is easily the best bang for the buck in the NHL. Burrows will be receiving at least twice that amount when he gets his contract extension. If Doan signs, however, the argument goes that the funds won’t be available.

Of course they will. First of all, Luongo will get traded: there’s Doan’s capspace. Guess who only has one year left on his contract worth approximately the amount Burrows should be expecting in a raise: Manny Malhotra.

Malhotra is getting paid $2.5 million and will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. While Malhotra might re-sign in Vancouver, it would likely be at a much-reduced rate. Add in the expiring contract of Mason Raymond, and there’s plenty of capspace for Burrows to re-sign in Vancouver.

Fortunately, the response wasn’t entirely widespread panic. Here are a few of our favourite responses from sane, well-adjusted Canucks fans:




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