Canucks take a chance on Evan McEneny

The Canucks invited 24 unsigned and undrafted prospects to their summer development camp, more than any other team in the league. Often, these invitees prove to have been unsigned and undrafted for a reason and part ways with the Canucks after camp ends. The Canucks didn’t sign any of their invitees from their 2010 or 2011 camps, though some signed with other NHL teams.

This year was different, however, as the Canucks signed one of the most intriguing invitees from their 2012 camp: defenceman Evan McEneny.

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Almost every Canuck would be eligible to play in the KHL during NHL lockout

If the NHL and NHLPA were playing Street Fighter, they would still be arguing over which location they should choose to host their brawl. An announcement of a lockout on Saturday seems to be inevitable. The KHL knows this, which is why they announced an amendment to their regulations that would allow for up to three NHL players to be signed to contracts that last only as long as the lockout continues.

Of those three, only one is allowed to be non-Russian, and those players have to fit certain criteria to be eligible. While those criteria are basically a joke, it seems worth checking to see what members of the Vancouver Canucks would qualify, as some of them might see the KHL as an opportunity to get back up to game-speed before the actual start of the NHL season.

Dirk Hoag over at On the Forecheck has already done this with the Nashville Predators and discovered that the majority of the roster would qualify. For the Canucks, however, all but one player who isn’t on a two-way contract would qualify.

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