The Wellwoods step out on PITB for a segment with Shaw TV (VIDEO)

As you may know, Pass it to Bulis is raising $10,000 for the Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer event on October 13, 2012. (And in the words of Biggie, if you don’t know, now you know.) But we’re not the only team coming together to end one of the world’s suckiest diseases. Our officially official women’s road hockey team, the Wellwoods, is doing the same.

This is somewhat unfortunate for us, since we’re soliciting donations from the same community and the Wellwoods are much better-organized (they have jerseys) and much better-looking (at least in my opinion, since I’m way straight), and much further along (they were smart enough to start earlier).

Plus, they’re being resourceful. The Wellwoods have been hard and work increasing their exposure with media outlets that aren’t Pass it to Bulis, cuckholding us with a treacherous appearance at the Legion of Blog, for instance, and, most recently, being interviewed on Shaw TV by reporter Paul McLellan. We would ignore this video, since it could eat into our own fundraising efforts, but while we may be competing for dollars in the same community, we’re united against a common enemy. Every dollar you give to help fight cancer, regardless of how you give it, is appreciated. (But seriously, give it to us.)
Also the video is hilarious.

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Patron saint Jan Bulis nearly chops a guy’s head off with his skate (VIDEO)

In addition to being the patron saint of this blog, Jan Bulis is also an active hockey player. The former Vancouver Canuck plies his trade with Traktor Chelyabink of the KHL, which means that, occasionally, word of his exploits will reach us across the continent.

Here is one such exploit, and in typical Bulisian fashion, it’s a bit of a clustercuss.

In a game between Traktor and Yekaterinburg Automobilist, Bulis got tangled up with Yekaterinburg defenceman Denis Solokov. Then, in a move one might suggest, in retrospect, was ill-advised, Bulis attempted to hop over the fallen blueliner. He had no momentum and one of his skates was tied up, so it should come as no surprise that he didn’t make it all the way over.

Instead, he came down on Solokov’s neck, slicing open the 35-year-old’s carotid artery.

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PITB still needs your help conquering cancer

One of the things I love about Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer is the name. The entire event is tailored to reach the type of people who won’t get excited about walks to raise money for cancer, generally men. I hate to stereotype, but I have generally found that men are not fans of walking. If I’m not playing a sport, I’m sitting down and watching a sport. Going for a walk isn’t exercise, it’s just basic locomotion.

So the folks at Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer gave the event a manly verb: “conquer.” It also avoids the awkwardness of something like “Cops for Cancer.” Who’s for cancer? I’m pretty firmly against cancer, thank you very much. That’s why PITB is hard at work conquering cancer through the playing of road hockey. How does that conquer cancer? That’s where you come in. We can’t do this without you.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 as a team. In the last week, we have raised $1356, which is awesome, but we still have a long way to go.

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