Watch six and a half minutes of the Canucks beating up on the Northwest Division

We’re big fans of Canuck fan pump-up videos here at Pass it to Bulis, but we’re especially big fans of pump-up videos that sprinkle in an extra dose of creativity.

Here’s one that sort of does. Now, I mean, it’s no “Bieksa Real Good” (still the gold standard for Canuck fan video what-the-heckery — please make more of those videos, Moon Unit and Dagobah), but it definitely gives us something a little different.¬†Rather than just mixing shots of Canuck players looking intense with pan shots of the Vancouver skyline, Youtuber RoMC10 gives us a video tribute to the Canucks’ dominance over the Northwest division.

I give you the disgustingly named, “Playing leapfrog with a unicorn”:

Okay, a few criticisms. First, I would suggest the theme could be more rigidly adhered to. For instance, there’s a shot of Roberto Luongo celebrating a win over the Detroit Red Wings. That shouldn’t be in there. And also, I’m fairly certain Admiral Ackbar, Han Solo and Arnold Schwarzenneger do not play for the Canucks and have competed against the Northwest division. I couldn’t even begin to tell you why those clips are in here.

Same goes for the clip of the tossed salmon. I’m not sure how that’s a sign of dominance. If throwing a salmon at someone made me their superior, I’d walk around with a backpack full of salmon at all times. But it doesn’t, so I don’t.

And heck, I would say the soft jazz, steel drum music, and Star Wars score really add nothing.

But it’s still a pretty good video, especially if you enjoy watching the Canucks own the Northwest Division.

Anyway. Since I mentioned it, here’s Bieksa Real Good one more time, because it’s still the best thing I’ve ever seen:

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  1. madwag
    September 10, 2012

    reminds me of how much i’ll miss hockey if the factions don’t get their acts together. thanks, i think.

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  2. Cathylu
    September 10, 2012

    I love Bieksa! That video is just what my Monday morning needed. The first video was pretty cool too.

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