The Green Men among first three inductees to ESPN’s inaugural Hall of Fans

When it comes to wearing green spandex, Vancouver’s world-famous Green Men are the best around. (They were briefly challenged by Ryan Reynolds in The Green Lantern — who definitely wore it better, amirite? — but that movie was a total dud, so he’s disqualified.)

But now Force and Sully aren’t just the best fans in near-indecent, crotch-hugging, emerald bodysuits. They’re some of the best fans ever, according to ESPN. The pair will be one of three inductees to ESPN’s inaugural Hall of Fans. A ceremony will be held to honour them in Bristol, Connecticut on September 19.

It’s a worthy honour.

It’s also a humbling one, according to Sully. “It’s pretty insane,” he said, “Just watching our Twitter and Facebook and the comments roll in. We’re especially grateful for all the support.”

Sure, their act has begun to wear a little thin after three years (especially after they started appearing on Burrard roofing ads near my house) and they’re definitely not beloved by everyone in the hockey world:

But let’s give these guys credit. This was a crowded field, they were the only hockey representatives, and frankly, they’ve done a pretty great job of keeping things fresh with some inventive prop comedy.

It’s also helped to continually distinguish them from the imitators all around the NHL (although it’s worth noting that they themselves are imitators — the schtick comes from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia).

From their perch at the penalty box in Rogers Arena, they’ve thrown waffles at the Maple Leafs, gallivanted with cardboard cutouts of celebrities such as Vince Vaughn and Carrie Underwood, and even inspired a formal complaint from the Nashville Predators during the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

This led to my personal favourite of their antics: after they were told Sully could no longer do a handstands against the glass, they produced a cardboard cutout of Sully handstands against the glass. Excellent bit of subversion there.

All this said, one wonders if this will spell the end of the Green Men, either because this has to be their peak or because, according to ESPN, only Sully made the cut.

Now, I’m assuming he’ll be representing both of them, but it’s entirely possible that he pulls a Diana Ross and insists on top billing. Will he demand that a third green man be recruited so the team be introduced as “Sully and the Green Men”?

Mark my words: Within a year, Sully will be playing Billie Holiday in a major motion picture and a dejected Force will be singing “And I am Telling You” in an empty theatre.

Chills. Anyway.

Sully says he’s fairly certain both Green Men are going in, and that his name alone was put up there originally and simply never changed. ”But if is just one of us,” he says, “I get to bring somebody on the trip [to Bristol] with me, so Force will be there.

“And either way the Green Men will be represented somehow.”

Edit: Turns out they didn’t just win, they super-won!


Suck on that, Larry H!

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