Is a lockout exactly what Zack Kassian needs?

In his first professional season, he seemed stuck between being too good for the AHL and not quite good enough for the NHL. While it might have been best for his development to play the full season in the AHL where he could play big minutes, he instead spent a large chunk of the season averaging around 11 minutes in ice time with the Canucks, with minimal success offensively.

Then, the CBA negotiations between the NHL and NHLPA stalled, and a lockout loomed. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Ryan Kesler, who had a fantastic season for the Manitoba Moose.

Wait, did you think I was talking about Zack Kassian? That’s an understandable mistake to make, considering I put his name in the title of the post and used vague personal pronouns in my opening paragraph. Sorry about that.

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The Green Men among first three inductees to ESPN’s inaugural Hall of Fans

When it comes to wearing green spandex, Vancouver’s world-famous Green Men are the best around. (They were briefly challenged by Ryan Reynolds in The Green Lantern — who definitely wore it better, amirite? — but that movie was a total dud, so he’s disqualified.)

But now Force and Sully aren’t just the best fans in near-indecent, crotch-hugging, emerald bodysuits. They’re some of the best fans ever, according to ESPN. The pair will be one of three inductees to ESPN’s inaugural Hall of Fans.

It’s a worthy honour.

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