‘Disgruntled’ Roberto Luongo spotted at Panthers’ facility, hoping someone will take him in

First, he was an escape goat. Now, he’s a disgruntled goat, at least according to the Florida Sun Sentinel.

Roberto Luongo remains down in Florida with his family, renting inflatable slides, wearing flippers, and hoping he never has to leave. He’s also gearing up for the next NHL season, whenever that will be, which means heading on over to the nearest NHL practice facility and getting some work in. In this case, that means visiting the home of the Florida Panthers.

As we know by now, Luongo would love it if these trips to the brutally named Saveology.com Iceplex were more than just visits. He wants to play there, and he said so again Tuesday. But for now his sighting there means no more than when local NHLers join the Canucks at Eight Rinks to find their legs before heading out every fall.

However, that hasn’t stopped the Sun Sentinel from doing their best to sensationalize every detail of this encounter they possibly can.

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18 silver linings for Canuck fans during the lockout

The optimist says that hockey still might start on time. After all, the soft deadline for hammering out a CBA before the owners lock the players out is September 15th, and that’s still 11 days away. Now, in the grand scheme of things, 11 days is such an inconsequential amount of time the British government didn’t bat an eyelash when they stole that many days from their citizens in switching from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar exactly 260 years ago. But hey, a lot can happen in 11 days. You can watch soccer until you die, for instance.

Of course, hockey fans don’t want to watch soccer until they die. They want hockey, and putting aside the optimism for a moment, it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing it for quite awhile. That sucks.

Still, returning to optimism, there are some positives. For instance, yesterday I pointed out that the odds of Shane Doan becoming a Vancouver Canuck become a little shorter the closer we loom to a lockout. And that’s just one. Here are several more.

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