Why Shane Doan’s latest drop dead date means more than the others

When it comes down to it, this summer has been nothing new for Vancouverites. If we’re being honest, we’ve been wishing for the Phoenix Coyotes to fail since they began.

Sure, a trip to Jobing.com Arena is a cheap date. We like that. But that’s about all we like about the “experiment”, as we condescendingly call it, in the desert.

The NHL’s Sun Belt expansion upsets us. It upsets us because the Canucks have never won a Stanley Cup and we want them to really badly. The very idea that apathetic southern American markets like Los Angeles, Phoenix, Carolina, and Tampa Bay could celebrate Stanley Cup wins — and many have — while we enter decade five of riotous desire is downright infuriating. And thus we root for their demise.

All of this is to say that the circumstances of this summer, which have Vancouverites cheering for Phoenix to bomb out of the desert, really haven’t changed much in our approach to that franchise. It’s just changed the reasoning.

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We want you to be on our road hockey team (and donate money to help fight cancer)

On October 13th, the streets of Vancouver will be filled with road hockey. Well, at least some streets. Many streets.

Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer will be holding a dawn-to-dusk road hockey marathon and Pass it to Bulis will be there. At least, we’ll be there if you are also there. Harrison and I are just two people and that’s not enough for a road hockey team. The thing is, PITB isn’t just us. PITB is all of you. We firmly believe that we have the best readers on the entire internet and it is a crying shame that we haven’t met more of you in person.

So now we want you to be on our road hockey team to play alongside us. Even if you can’t play road hockey with us, you can still be a part of our team by donating to the fight against cancer. And we have some special PITB-style incentives if you do.

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