Every Goal 2011-12: Playoffs

You didn’t think we could end the Every Goal series on such a positive note with Chris Higgins, right? You should know by now that things can never end well for Canucks fans. That is why the last post in our annual off-season Every Goal series will end with all 8 goals the Canucks managed to score during the 2012 playoffs versus the Los Angeles Kings.

On the plus side, we’re only looking back at the good parts, when the puck was going into the Kings’ net. If you squint and ignore the scoreboard, you can imagine that the Canucks won the series. While you’re at it, imagine that the NHL and NHLPA have concluded their CBA negotiations and that there won’t be a lockout to start next season.

In any case, the Canucks scored some pretty goals during the playoffs and they deserve to be remembered and highlighted. Seeing them outside of their disappointing context makes them a lot more enjoyable.


1 | Game 1 – Alex Burrows

This goal is a microcosm of everything you need to know about Henrik Sedin, Alex Burrows, and Ryan Kesler. Henrik controls the puck while being harangued by three different Kings’ defenders. He then fights off a check along the boards and threads a perfectly weighted pass to Burrows. Burrows, for his part, immediately throws the puck on net, then outworks everyone else for the rebound, firing it past Quick. And Kesler interferes with Quick, embellishes a butt end to the face, and ensures that Quick won’t be able to make the save. Classic Henrik/Burrows/Kesler.

2 | Game 1 – Alex Edler

As we saw in Alex Edler’s edition of Every Goal, Edler doesn’t actually score that many goals with his slap shot. This goal is no different, as he just quickly flings a wrist shot towards the net after a won faceoff by Kesler. The puck deflects off the Kings defender and floats past Quick, who couldn’t see past Mason Raymond’s screen. This goal tied the game with just 7 seconds remaining in the second period and, as far as you know right now, nothing else happened in that game.

3 | Game 2 – Jannik Hansen

Burrows’ shot from the boards deflects straight up into the air, and it takes the Kings’ defender’s attention with it, particularly the defenceman who should be in front of the net, boxing out Jannik Hansen. That defenceman is Rob Scuderi, and he gets back into position far too late to prevent Hansen from tipping Henrik’s savvy wristshot past Quick.

4 | Game 2 – Samuel Pahlsson

Hey look, it’s the one good thing Pahlsson managed to do during the playoffs. Mason Raymond does well to pick up the puck, then attract Keith Ballard’s defender before feeding Ballard the pass. The Canucks are fortunate that it’s Mike Richards trying to catch the puck instead of Quick, as it bounces off his glove to Pahlsson in the slot.

5 | Game 4 – Alex Edler

It looks like Willie Mitchell thinks he has time to control the puck before clearing the zone. Instead, Kesler comes barging in to get the puck loose, then feeds it to Dan Hamhuis at the point. He moves it around quickly to Edler while Kesler sets up the screen. Once again, it’s the quick wrist shot from Edler that finds a way through to the net.

6 | Game 4 – Kevin Bieksa

With the Sedins heading to the net, David Booth thinks the best person to pass the puck to is Kevin Bieksa. Turns out he’s right, as the Sedins have taken all the defenders with them, leaving Bieksa with acres of room to hit the one-timer. For the second time, Mike Richards tries to do Quick’s job for him, and accidentally tips the puck up and over his goaltender.

7 | Game 4 – Henrik Sedin

As Captain Marvel would say, Shazam! I mean, holy moley! The return of Daniel Sedin to the lineup was a beautiful thing and this goal is unreal. Henrik’s maneuver to evade his two defenders is gorgeous, as he just slips right between Willie Mitchell and Jarret Stoll. Unbelievable. Then, he feeds his brother the puck with a no-look, between-the-legs, backhand pass. Inconceivable.

At this point, Daniel has a clear path to the net, so Matt Greene goes down to block the shot that is obviously coming. The Third Law of Sedinery states, however, that the Sedins will always make one more pass than is necessary and Daniel is a law-abiding Sedinizen, providing Hamhuis with a spin-o-rama backhand pass for the one-timer. Wizardous. Then Quick makes the save, that jerk.

Fortunately, the rebound ends up right in front of Henrik, who has been completely forgotten by the Kings’ penalty killers at this point. He chips it in.

I did a full Breakdowning of this goal when it happened, because this goal is awesome.

8 | Game 5 – Henrik Sedin

On the goal, the Sedins are perfectly in sync, as Daniel saucers a perfect pass cross-crease for Henrik to tap-in. On the post-goal celebration, the Sedins are a mess, as Daniel goes up for the jumping embrace, while Henrik goes down for the on-one-knee fist-pump. Get it together, guys!

The best part about this goal is that it’s actually a give-and-go. From the near boards, Henrik banks a pass to Daniel off the far boards, then heads to the net. Somehow, the penalty killers lose him, which is not a recommended strategy for defending the Sedins. Seriously, when one of them has the puck, the most dangerous player on the ice is the other Sedin.

And with that beautiful goal, we’re done. For a brief moment, we can imagine that is the way the Canucks’ season ended.

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  1. Nee
    August 30, 2012

    Last 2 are great goals, but this is depressing. : (

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  2. JohnScott
    August 30, 2012

    It’s so quiet here. I wonder what the zamboni man has been doing

    VA:F [1.9.16_1159]
    Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)
  3. SteveB
    August 31, 2012

    It has been an exceedingly long Summer and if Gary Bettman has his way, we still have a long way to go before we can see any new Canucks goals. :-(

    VA:F [1.9.16_1159]
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  4. jimbob
    August 31, 2012

    and with that i have watched all the goals from last year. good to know that they will be here when i need to see one in december.

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  5. cathylu
    August 31, 2012

    I know I’m not the only one praying to the hockey gods that there will be a season.

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