Every Goal, 2011-12: Daniel Sedin, part three

The annual Every Goal series will run Monday to Thursday through July and August, remembering every goal scored by the Canucks, player by player. Today, we take a look at Daniel “Lean Mean Fighting” Sedin.

Every time we do the Every Goal series, I am always surprised by one thing: the player who we’re spotlighting isn’t necessarily the most impressive player involved in each goal. This is especially true for Daniel Sedin, who often ends up with an empty net to shoot at or a tap-in at the side of the net thanks to the work of his brother. In fact, Daniel’s best plays from last season are mostly found on other players’ goals.

In Daniel’s first 20 goals of the season, we’ve seen superb passing from Henrik, and Alexes Edler and Burrows, as well as some yeoman’s work by Ryan Kesler. These last 10 are no different. That isn’t to say that Daniel doesn’t make some beautiful plays of his own, nor is this meant to undermine his sublime skill in corralling passes and shooting where the goalie isn’t.

All I’m saying is that if you want to find Byron Bitz’s second best play of last season, you’re going to want to watch these last 10 goals from Daniel Sedin.


21 | January 24 vs Edmonton Oilers

When the Sedins are on the ice and you have the puck in the defensive zone, it is very, very important to get the puck out across the blue line. The Oilers fail to do so and the Canucks immediately make them pay. Daniel causes the turnover, then gets the toe after some nifty tic and tac from Hamhuis and Burrows.

22 | January 31 vs Chicago Blackhawks

This is textbook Sedinery. In fact, it’s chapter one. It’s so textbook that it’s baffling to see the Blackhawks allow it. From the side boards, Daniel feeds Henrik the puck behind the net. At that point, it’s obvious what’s going to happen next. Daniel goes to the front of the net, Henrik pauses just long enough to confuse everyone, then Henrik passes (which is an understatement) to Daniel and Daniel scores the OT winner to break Brendan Morrison’s franchise record.

23 | February 7 vs Nashville Predators

Byron Bitz had about 15 minutes of fame with the Canucks last season, but this was his finest hour (ignore the oxymoron). His backhand pass to Daniel while being cross-checked on this goal isn’t just pretty: it’s Sedin pretty. For a brief moment, Byron Bitz looked like a Sedin. That said, the real star of this goal is Francis Bouillon, who somehow ends up on the wrong side of Daniel all the way from the boards to the net. Daniel has no business being that open, but Bouillon clearly forget to turn the sign around and lock the door.

24 | February 9 vs Minnesota Wild

My favourite part of this goal is Kesler and Henrik playing catch below the goal line on the 5-on-3. It’s like they’re trying to make sure that each of them will get an assist on the eventual goal. Unfortunately, that’s spoiled as Salo and Edler go D-to-D before Edler hits the post, allowing Daniel to pot home the rebound. Kesler and Henrik weren’t the only two Canucks on the ice to not get a point; Cory Schneider  didn’t get one either.

25 | February 18 vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Hahaha, oh man, the Leafs are terrible.

26 | February 19 vs Edmonton Oilers

Teams should have figured this out by now: don’t give the Sedins the puck in your own zone, particularly when your teammates are blowing the zone expecting an outlet pass. It won’t go well for you. Tom Gilbert’s pass to Shawn Horcoff isn’t a good one, allowing Burrows to make like a cutpurse, then feed Daniel for the one-timer.

27 | February 23 vs Detroit Red Wings

If it seems like Edler took this point shot looking for a tip from Henrik, he did. If it looks like Henrik is tipping it to his brother rather than to the net, he is. If it looks like Daniel is out-battling Ian White in front of the net like a boss, it’s because he is the boss. In the future, I will refer to Daniel as Bruce Springsteen.

28 | February 23 vs Detroit Red Wings

This is one of my favourite goals from last season, mainly because it’s so counter-intuitive. With 30 seconds left in the third period and down by one, it’s not surprising to see the Sedins on the ice. It is surprising to see the Canucks set up the point shot from Daniel, not just once, but twice. It’s even more surprising to see it work, as Daniel ties the game with 15 seconds left. Burrows would go on to win the game in the shootout, snapping the Red Wings’ record 23-game home winning streak.

29 | March 17 vs Columbus Blue Jackets

The Sedins against the Columbus Blue Jackets almost doesn’t seem fair. They’re like AHLers playing in a beer league. The Blue Jackets are feeling so good about disrupting Daniel’s pass to Mason Raymond, they forget that they also have to disrupt Henrik’s pass to Daniel. They do not do so and Daniel gets the tap-in.

30 | March 17 vs Columbus Blue Jackets

And now the Sedins with a powerplay against the Blue Jackets? Sheesh, universe, you really hate the Blue Jackets, eh? Daniel’s initial tip-in attempt on the Henrik slap-pass is blocked, but Daniel finds the puck and puts it home.

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  1. Nee
    August 23, 2012

    I’m totally repeating myself, but man, those Henrik passes…

    Looking forward to the Higgins and Edler series’.

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    • tom selleck's moustache
      August 23, 2012

      I was thinking the exact same thing on goals 28 and 29, especially 28; he reacts so quickly when he gets the puck. And he passes it through Lidstrom, all the way to the point, and it’s right on the tape. Amazing.

      VA:F [1.9.16_1159]
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  2. PetriSkriko
    August 24, 2012

    Several points to make:

    1. The Leafs again?! Who would’ve guessed.
    2. This Every Goal series keeps reminding me why I love Alex Burrows.
    3. I could watch the Sedins score goals all day long.
    4. That February 23rd Red Wings game was the sheeeeeeit.

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