Oregon beer-league team “The Shining” has an awesome Canucks-inspired logo

You are looking at the logo for The Shining, a division 2 beer-league team that plays out of the Winterhawks Skating Center in Beaverton, Oregon. You may notice that this logo bears a striking resemblance to the Vancouver Canucks’ third/original stick-in-rink logo.

You may also notice that it’s awesome. Granted, I have a pretty huge bias here, as “The Shining” is my favourite movie ever, but still. That looks downright fantastic.

The logo is the work of displaced Canucks fan Brett German, who is a German in name only. He’s a British Columbian, raised in Richmond and schooled at UVIC before winding up in Portland for work. As for the team he plays on, here’s his explanation:

The Shining was formed, as we say, from blood and necessity. Three seasons ago, Div. 2 lost a team and was looking at a 7-team league.  My buddy Tom Carlier and I met with the elders of our team, the league champion Blackhole Tattoo, and proposed a deal over ale at the immortal Green Dragon in southeast Portland…we would take 4 players and use that as a base to form an 8th team in order to save the league from the indignity of “bye weeks”.

The team was named The Shining on the ride home. I knew Tom liked Stephen King, and it just came to me as though we had always played on The Shining…weird.

I’d make a trip down there to watch the team play, but I’d hate to get Dick Halloran’d.

According to German, the Shining’s roster is from all over. And since German also plays on Blackhole, there’s probably room for you to join the team if you’re in the area.

German put it a creepier way: “Come play with us… forever, and ever, and ever…”

It’s been a good week for references to “The Shining” in hockey. On Monday, I salivated over Richard Bachman’s new goaltending mask, painted by artist David Gunnarsson as an homage to the classic film (as well as the fact that Bachman shares his name with one of  Stephen King’s early pseudonyms).

Plus I have it on good authority that Vancouver geek royalty Dave Delisle might be working on a Shining hockey jersey.


  1. Rituro
    August 22, 2012

    Just so long as nobody takes an axe to the locker room doors with a “Heeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!” during intermissions, I find this wonderful and acceptable.

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  2. Collin
    August 24, 2012

    All 3rd line grinder work and no power play make hockey player a dull boy

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