Every Goal, 2011-12: Daniel Sedin, part two

The annual Every Goal series will run Monday to Thursday through July and August, remembering every goal scored by the Canucks, player by player. Today, we take a look at Daniel “The Wizard of Ornskoldsvik” Sedin.

Welcome to part 2 of Daniel Sedin’s Every Goal series, at we take a look at the middle 10 of his 30 goals in the 2011-12 season. Today, you’re going to see a whole lot of powerplay goals, a whole lot of Wizardous Sedinerie, and a whole lot of quietly, uncalled, Sedin interference. Pretty much what you’d expect from a Sedin goal compilation!

Today’s post also opens with the final two-thirds of Daniel Sedin’s most recent hat trick, a performance versus the Colorado Avalanche thaty may have been one of the best of his career. It’s all good stuff, is what I’m saying. Enjoy.


11 | December 6 vs Colorado Avalanche

This is one of my favourite goals of last year. The Sedins’ cycle game has matured over the years, but on December 6th, it reached a whole new level, as Henrik Sedin does a complete lap around the net to facilitate a goal for his brother. After a drop pass for Daniel, Henrik takes off like a shot, coming around the goal before setting the most blatant pick in NHL history. (Seriously, you could play “Bell Bottom Blues” with that pick.) Daniel uses the open space to walk into the middle and score his second of the night.

12 | December 6 vs Colorado Avalanche

And here’s Daniel’s third of the night, an absolutely beautiful hat trick goal on hardcore Wizardous Sedinerie. The zig-zagging passes they make as they cross the blue line are absurd, as is Henrik’s perfectly weighted curl to Alex Burrows streaking towards the goal. And after demonstrating that kind of skill, there’s no way Daniel’s missing a tap-in at the side of the goal. Were it not for that magical season-ended versus Calgary, I’d say this was the best hat trick of Daniel’s career.

13 | December 17 vs Toronto Maple Leafs

More wizardous Sedinerie, though this one comes from an unlikely source: it’s Alex Burrows, practically dripping his way into the zone like the Isiah Thomas of hockey before making a backhand saucer to Daniel Sedin. Daniel has been receiving airborne passes since the womb, so no matter that this one’s a little ahead of him. He just reaches out and swats it out of mid-air.

14 | December 26 vs Edmonton Oilers

Speaking of Daniel being well-practiced receiving saucer passes, here’s yet another example, as Henrik’s jumps off the wall, goes between an Oiler’s legs and lands right on his stick in front. But don’t think Daniel’s just benefiting from Henrik’s magic, because he does a lot for himself too. For instance, check out the epic trip on Lennart Petrell to shake his man! That opens him right up!

15 | December 28 vs San Jose Sharks

I like the way Alex Burrows plays the decoy on this goal, darting across the goalmouth like he’s about to accept the pass and drawing everyone away from Daniel behind the goal. That’s where the puck goes, and Daniel goes around the other side to tuck in a wrap-around. Although one wonders if Antti Niemi might have gotten a pad on this if he hadn’t stopped for a sandwich on his way across.

16 | December 29 vs Anaheim Ducks

Way more fun than watching Daniel Sedin skate down the wing and beat Jonas Hiller: watching Henrik skate down the middle and take Sheldon Brookbank out of the play. Henrik skates right into Brookbank, and then, in a bizarre role reversal, he takes pains to lift Brookbank’s stick. How often do you see that on an odd-man rush? For his efforts, Henrik gets crosschecked to the ice after the light goes on.

17 | December 29 vs Anaheim Ducks

After Alex Burrows intercepts a puck at the blue line and throws it across the zone to Henrik down low, Henrik does that thing where he makes a completely unexpected cross-ice pass to Daniel instead of shooting. Well, unexpected for anyone else. It blows me away that this is a pretty routine Sedin goal. It’s freaking gorgeous.

18 | January 4 vs Minnesota Wild

At first glance, this is a rare, hasty slapshot from Daniel Sedin, who fires a puck from the blue line far earlier than we’d expect. Don’t the Sedins normally cycle for another half hour or so? But there’s a good reason he shoots the puck then: Burrows is rocking a really good screen. Sensing that the timing is just right, Daniel fires a puck towards the goal hoping Burrows can tip it. Burrows can’t, but lucky for the Canucks, Pierre-Marc Bouchard’s leg goes rogue and picks up the slack.

19 | January 12 vs St. Louis Blues

Daniel nets the easiest overtime winner of his career here, as a stickless T.J. Oshie tries to rush to the bench and swap for a penalty-killer with some lumber. It’s a lost cause, as the Oshie-less passing lane allows Henrik Sedin to tee one up for his brother long before the new Blue is anywhere close. You have to feel for Oshie, but if I were him, I’d take solace in the fact that, if he were there, Henrik’s pass would have just been six feet higher is all.

20 | January 17 vs Los Angeles Kings

It’s amazing to think of where Sedin picks this pick up and where he finishes with it. On the powerplay, he takes a pass at the top of the zone, then curl down the wall and into the middle of the ice. His move on Drew Doughty is remarkable, as he has the presence of mind to fake inside, then wrap the puck around Doughty while he’s being hooked from behind.

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