Every Goal, 2011-12: Mason Raymond

The annual Every Goal series will run Monday to Thursday through July and August, remembering every goal scored by the Canucks, player by player. Today, we take a look at Mason “Gourmand” Raymond.

When Mason Raymond started his (injury-delayed) season with 6 points in 7 games, Canucks fans were understandably excited. It seemed that after his back was broken during the Stanley Cup Final, Raymond spent months getting punched in the back by prisoners with dubious doctorates and doing copious amounts of push-ups in the Pit, before climbing out stronger than ever and making his way back to Gotham City to take down Bane.

Turns out, that only works in the movies. The lack of offseason training seemed to take its toll on Raymond’s core strength and conditioning, causing his play to slip and fall like a Mason Raymond. After 6 points in 7 games, he scored just 14 points in his remaining 48 games, finishing with a grand total of just 10 goals.

In 2010-11, Raymond struggled offensively, but had superb underlying numbers, showing how he pushed possession into the offensive zone whenever he was on the ice. Last season, that wasn’t the case. His underlying numbers were just as terrible as his offensive production. It’s important to note that his offensive production was quantitatively terrible, but not necessarily qualitatively terrible.

So let’s focus on the positive by watching all 10 of Mason Raymond’s goals from last season.


1 | December 8 vs Montreal Canadiens

The key to this shorthanded goal is that Raymond coasts into the zone instead of charging hard to the net, creating a massive gap between himself and Raphael Diaz. Raymond uses that space like he was Victor Vasarely, deftly drawing the puck around Diaz’s poke check, before flinging it past Carey Price.

2 | December 15 vs Caroline Hurricanes

With Daniel Sedin out with a sore back, Raymond was promoted to the top line, and responded with some Burrows-like feistiness in front of the net to free himself up for this goal. Raymond is all but surrounded by Hurricanes defenders, but Henrik threads the puck through and Raymond is prepared with his stick on the ice to immediately send it past Cam Ward. He must have watched a lot of Red Green.

3 | December 17 vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Wow, the Leafs are terrible.

4 | December 29 vs Anaheim Ducks

Ryan Kesler is remarkably shifty on this goal, turning Cam Fowler every which-way in order to create enough room to find Raymond with the pass, but Raymond is nearly as shifty in creating the space to receive the pass. The two of them are shiftier than a warehouse full of keyboards.

5 | January 15 vs Anaheim Ducks

I love this goal: Burrows’ shoot-in/bank-pass is sublime, Raymond’s fake slap shot is straight from NHL 95, and the high-speed wraparound is startling, mainly because it actually works. Raymond tries the wraparound all the time without success and it seems like he is so surprised to see the puck actually go in that he forgets to celebrate the goal. Seriously, that expression on his face is clearly disappointment at failing once again to score on the wraparound. His brain can’t comprehend that the move actually succeeded.

6 | February 2 vs Detroit Red Wings

The Red Wings give Raymond a ridiculous amount of room at the top of the faceoff circle, so Raymond accepts the gift and whips a wristshot towards the net, where Henrik Sedin is screening Jimmy Howard. Continuing the theme of generosity, Brad Stuart knees the puck into the net for Raymond. Did the Red Wings get Raymond in the office Secret Santa pool? If so, someone needed to remind them that Christmas happened over a month prior to this game.

7 | February 24 vs New Jersey Devils

This goal makes me want to see Raymond and Booth on the same line next season, even though the goal itself comes on a fortunate bounce off Greene’s leg. Both Booth and Raymond are capable at backing off defences with their speed, which would theoretically lead to more space and opportunity for getting shots like the one Raymond takes here.

8 | February 26 vs Dallas Stars

This puck has no business going into the net. It’s a poor shot by Raymond: his best bet from that angle is to shoot low on the pads in hopes that Kari Lehtonen will kick out a rebound to one of his teammates. Instead, Raymond goes for the top corner and somehow manages to squeeze the puck through Lehtonen’s armpit.

9 | March 22 vs Dallas Stars

What in the world, Henrik? What an absurd pass. With Kassian screening in front, Lehtonen clearly has no clue what’s happening, as Raymond has approximately 3 days to put the puck in the net.

10 | March 24 vs Colorado Avalanche

This was Raymond’s only powerplay goal of the season. After cycling the puck to the point for a Sami Salo point shot, Raymond heads to the faceoff circle, looking for a rebound like a desperate college freshman. Sure enough, one appears. Raymond’s release on his wristshot is absolutely sick on this goal, as the puck is on and off his stick in an instant.

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  1. SteveB
    August 17, 2012

    I loved #5 with the wraparound/falldown move.

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    • the real bob
      August 18, 2012

      classic raymond

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  2. Errol
    August 17, 2012

    #3 is my favorite

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  3. Nee
    August 17, 2012

    The pass from Henrik on #9 is amazing.

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  4. PetriSkriko
    August 17, 2012

    If you didn’t watch a second of last season and followed this Every Goal series, you’d think the Canucks and Leafs were in the same division.

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  5. akidd
    August 18, 2012

    no part 2 for raymond, i’m guessing:) if you want to stretch out the content i suggest an ‘Every Weak Wrist Shot to the Logo’ series. raymond could get us through the lockout singlehandedly.

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  6. Fruzenius
    August 19, 2012

    What if Mason falls down so we focus all our complaints on it :O

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