Every goal, 2011-12: Alex Burrows, part three

The annual Every Goal series will run Monday to Thursday through July and August, remembering every goal scored by the Canucks, player by player. Today, we take a look at Alex “Squirrows” Burrows.

Good news and bad news, friends: if you’re expecting a whole lot of Henrik-to-Daniel magic, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Half of the goals in the final instalment of Alex Burrows’s “Every Goal” entry are scored after Duncan Keith concussed Daniel Sedin with an elbow to the face.

On the bright side, Henrik remains in fine form on many of these goals, especially Burrows’s 26th, which I’m convinced would have gotten a ton more play if it had happened on the other side of the ice where the boards didn’t hide all the spiffy stickhandling.

Plus Burrows does pretty well for himself too. A number of these goals are as self-made as Don Draper. Enjoy.


21 | February 18 vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Burrows has never been known as the best skater, but he’s gotten a lot better, and also, Jared Aulie isn’t very fast. As a result, he absolutely burns by the Leafs’ defender, stealing a puck at his own blueline, firing ahead to Henrik Sedin, then racing to catch up and turn a 1-on-1 into a 2-on-1. Henrik makes an effortless saucer pass to take Phaneuf out of the play almost instantly, and Burrows makes a perfectly-placed shot to open the scoring.

22 | February 18 vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Another perfectly-placed shot from Burrows here, as he inches towards the goal with all the space in the world, then beats James Reimer high, stick-side. Man, I forgot what a mess the the Leafs were defensively versus the Canucks last season. As a Canuck fan, I’m used to seeing decent defence; whatever the Leafs were doing instead was painfully bad.

23 | March 1 vs St. Louis Blues

Talk about a lucky goal. Kevin Bieksa fans on a point shot, and the puck deflects right to Dan Hamuhuis. Hamhuis misses, and the puck comes off the boards right to Alex Burrows. As we’ve said, Burrows is very quick at converting passes from behind the goal, no matter who the setup man is. In this case, it’s physics.

24 | March 14 vs Phoenix Coyotes

And once again. This time, it’s Jannik Hansen with the setup just moments after stealing a puck from David Schlemko. He somehow manages to get a puck through to the front, and Burrows puts it through Mike Smith on the second try.

25 | March 30 vs Dallas Stars

This play doesn’t look like much at first. Henrik’s just mucking around on the side wall at first, but suddenly, the Stars leave Burrows alone in front. Henrik’s grown fond of Burrows, you see, and he doesn’t like to see his linemate alone, so he sends him a puck. Appreciative of the gesture, Burrows muscles it into the Stars’ goal.

26 | April 3 vs Anaheim Ducks

Another Henrik to Burrows extravaganza. This is one of the sexiest goals of the year, as Henrik does some remarkable dancing, putting a puck between Lubomir Visnovsky’s skates before swivelling and making a back pass to Burrows in the slot. Knowing Henrik’s incredible stickhandling will only wind up on Youtube if he scores, Burrows puts a little extra mustard on the one-timer and does just that.

27 | April 3 vs Anaheim Ducks

A little more Henrik magic, as he plays give-and-go with Alex Edler at the point in Daniel’s absence. Eventually, the puck winds up on the stick of Dan Hamhuis, who sends a one-timer towards the net. Burrows is the first one on the rebound and he jams it past Hiller for the goal.

28 | April 5 vs Calgary Flames

And finally, would it be an Alex Burrows every goal collection without a shorthanded breakaway goal scored on the backhand? It isn’t his patented leg kick, because he doesn’t quite have the time and he’s trying to settle the puck, but Kiprusoff still bites on the deke, allowing Burrows to finish the way he normally does. True fact: when Alex Burrows challenges a man to a duel, he fakes a forehand glove slap before going backhand.

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  1. Andre
    August 15, 2012

    So long as everyone keeps focussing on finger biting and taunts, they will fail to notice that Burr is a player with awesome skills and instincts.

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  2. Mallick
    August 16, 2012

    Am I missing an inside joke here where we switch the Sedins’ names?

    VA:F [1.9.16_1159]
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    • supa dupa
      August 16, 2012

      do people seriously want to watch every Burrows goal of last season?seriously its done who cares

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