Every Goal, 2011-12: Alex Burrows, part two

The annual Every Goal series will run Monday to Thursday through July and August, remembering every goal scored by the Canucks, player by player. Today, we take a look at Alex “I’m like a Burr” Burrows.

I’m sure you’re expecting a lot of Sedinery in part two Alex Burrows’s “Every Goal” entry, but it’s not their party. Today’s clips really underscore what a star Burrows has become, from his goal versus the Maple Leafs, who paid dearly for underestimating him all year, to a goal versus the Avalanche that really shows his place in the Canucks’ locker room.

But also there’s a lot of Sedinery. Enjoy.


11 | December 17 vs Toronto Maple Leafs

December 17th was a coming out party of sorts for Alex Burrows. The Leafs are used to being bamboozled by the Sedins, and they worked hard to cover the twins as best they could. As a result, Burrows saw a lot of open ice, and he took the opportunity to remind them he was pretty good too. This goal’s a good example, as he walks through the middle of the ice and puts a lovely wrister in off the post. The shot’s got more ping than Pingu, and he’s four-fifths ping.

12 | December 19 vs Minnesota Wild

Let’s be fair: while Burrows is more than just the guy that finishes sexy Sedin plays, sometimes that’s exactly what he is. That’s certainly the case here, as he gets a tap-in after the Sedins make the Wild defencemen look drunk. And what do you get when you combine wild and beer? Bewilder. That’s what the twins do here. Daniel’s toe drag is stupid awesome.

13 | December 21 vs Detroit Red Wings

Great outlet pass by Alex Edler to spring the Sedin line 3-on-2 here. The Wings do the smart thing, overplaying the twins, but it leaves Burrows all alone in front, and if that happens, Henrik’s going to find him. He does, and Burrows tips the puck past Howard. Extra credit to the check Daniel gives Brad Stuart on the handoff to put him off balance as Henrik skates a circle around him. Clever.

14 | December 26 vs Edmonton Oilers

Some brutal backchecking by the Oilers here, as a 1-on-1 shorthanded devolves into a 2-on-3 and Burrows still winds up completely wide open in front. The most shocking replay is the one from behind, as Kesler takes the drop pass behind the goal and somehow draws all three Oilers to him. He’s not scoring from there, guys. Cover the guy whose shooting lane isn’t blocked by the back of a net.

15 | January 4 vs Minnesota Wild

Burrows may look like the tap-in artist here, but he makes this play happen by streaking through the middle of the ice. It backs off the Wild defenders, opening up a passing lane. Well, it’s a passing lane for Henrik, who can make backhand saucers in his sleep. The moment he does, and both Wild defenders turn to Daniel, Daniel catches them unawares a second time, feeding Burrows in front for the goal.

16 | January 7 vs Boston Bruins

Burrows gets the tip-in here versus Boston, just redirecting Cody Hodgson’s shot enough to let it squeak through Tim Thomas’s legs. I don’t have a joke here, but Tim Thomas recently wrote that he stands with a sandwich chain regarding their stance against gay marriage, and I kind of think that’s a joke.

17 | January 12 vs St. Louis Blues

Burrows spends a lot of time practicing his quick release on passes from the Sedins below the goal line, so it’s not surprising that he buries this one with some practiced haste. It’s not a pass, mind you. The puck just trickles out to him after Henrik loses it off Daniel’s skate. Unless Henrik meant to do that. Whoa.

18 | January 12 vs St. Louis Blues

Great tip here by Burrows, as he redirects an Alex Edler shot downwards and into the Blues goal, which is, in my opinion, the best place he could have redirected it.

19 | February 2 vs Detroit Red Wings

You just know Drew Miller is in trouble when he takes this puck into the middle of his own zone. That’s where Alex Burrows and Maxim Lapierre are, and they make him pay in a hurry. Burrows pokes the puck off Miller’s stick, then Lapierre pokes it to Burrows, then Burrows pokes it really, really hard past Jimmy Howard.

20 | February 15 vs Colorado Avalanche

An interesting thing to note about the empty-net goal that gives Burrows his 20th of the year: He gets the star treatment, as Chris Higgins slows up at the last second to leave this goal for Burrows. I never get tired of exclamation points on Burrows’s unlikely journey to the NHL, and watching a former first round draft pick do the role-playerly thing and defer to Burrows the superstar is pretty inspiring, in my opinion.


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  1. Fruzenius
    August 14, 2012

    Burrows is definitely my favourite player on the team that has never been considered by the NHL to be a superstar. He’s just so…awesome. Also #17, watching that replay a few times, I think Henrik meant to do that, he was looking down, probably at Daniel’s skate specifically for that reason. They astound me

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  2. Fruzenius
    August 14, 2012

    Hmm…I worded that poorly. Alex is definitely my favourite player on the team, and he’s not been considered a superstar. Much better

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  3. Barry
    August 14, 2012

    #20 is probably my favorite because it shows character from Higgins.

    I hope that Burrows gets at least $4M next season. $2M/year is just so wrong.

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  4. akidd
    August 14, 2012

    a local paper’s writer said in an article the other day that he doesn’t think that the canucks will be able to afford to res-ign burrows. well, i just wanna say that if gillis thinks fans made a fuss over the hodgson trade then he will get a whole new definition of ‘fuss’ if he doesn’t re-sign burrows. burr is such a fan favourite fand or such good reason. plus he is the best argument in the ongoing observation vs. advanced stats discussion. no such thing as clutch they say. and i did read the article daniel nicely linked the last time we had this discussion. and while i get the point being made i think that if one coldly eliminates the whole idea of an athlete with character rising to the occasion at big moments then one might as well stop watching sports altogether and take up roulette.

    burrows may not be clutch every time but he’s been really clutch at some really big moments, enough to earn him the ‘clutch’ label and then some in my estimation.

    to me burrows is in the ‘willie mitchell ‘category of loyal players whom if let go will come back to bite you.

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    • Daniel Wagner
      August 14, 2012

      Willie Mitchell only played for the Canucks for four seasons and started his career in New Jersey. I like Mitchell, both as a player and as a person, but if loyalty to the Canucks was more important to him than the assurance of two years of employment, he would have re-signed with the Canucks for the one-year offer he was given. That’s not anything against Mitchell: he’s got a family to support and a career to consider.

      The comparison with Burrows, however, just doesn’t hold up. Mitchell signed a four-year deal with the Canucks and decided to move on when the Canucks weren’t willing to offer him a two-year deal. Burrows came up with the Canucks through the Moose and has already re-signed with them twice, the second time for well below market value.

      In any case, I don’t think it’s going to be an issue for the Canucks to re-sign Burrows. At all. Even if he is looking for $4-5 million per season, I doubt the Canucks will have any issue paying that.

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      • akidd
        August 15, 2012

        good points, daniel. mitchell only played four years but he was practically a canuck before that with the wild given the amount of games he played in gm place. i guess willie could have accepted the one-year deal. he seemed pretty freaked out by that concussion though and for good reason of course after lying weeks in a dark silent room. i’m not sure what to make of his press conference that year’s end and the canuck’s relative lack of comment about it. then not signing him? no way to know what went on but it all seemed rather suspiciously awkward.

        and totally agree that the canucks will pay for burrows and am glad to hear you support that notion. gord mcintyre was first off the line and i guess was trolling for clicks with his opinion that the canucks wouldn’t pay. i bit but only lackadaisically(gotta keep the chops up:) as it is summer after all and you can hardly blame a writer for trying drum up interest.

        but sure…burrows as a lifelong canuck sounds about right.

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  5. Mallick
    August 14, 2012

    You mixed up the sedin twins on #13… You did it once before on an earlier Every Goal this season.

    Great read, though. Burrows’ goals are always sexy, whether it’s because of him, the Brothers or both.

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