Fans help David Booth name his new pet pig

It’s the offseason, which means the Canucks are off doing all sorts of things that have nothing to do with hockey, such as run secret Twitter accounts, promote Panini America, recover from shoulder surgery or, in the case of David Booth, get a new pet.

A new pet pig.

Before you get any funny ideas: no, he doesn’t plan to shoot it, and he’s not using it to lure a larger animal. Booth plans to love it. But first he has to name it, a task with which Canuck fans attempted to help Saturday night.

Naming animals is fun. The Bloggess has a kitten named Hunter S. Tomcat. My wife and I plan to eventually get a puppy and name him Werner Herzdog. In the case of David Booth, it looks like the pig will be dubbed Sir Francis Bacon. But there were some other very excellent ideas that missed the cut.

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