Mark Messier gets punched in the back of the head a bunch of times (VIDEOS)

Mark Messier is to Vancouver as Stefano DiMera is to the small town of Salem on Days of Our Lives. He’s a full-blown villain, not above kidnapping, brainwashing, and seducing our favourite characters to further his evil, evil schemes.

Or at least this is how Vancouverites picture him. Nevermind that Messier was actually named the Canucks’ MVP in 1999-2000 — the more time passes, the more we rue his playoff-free days in Vancouver. He’s become the worst thing imaginable, his heinousness matched only by his damnability. After all, we may have given him a trophy, but let’s talk about the stuff he took: Trevor Linden’s captaincy, Wayne Maki’s unretired 11, a buyout (putting him on par with Marc freaking Chouinard) and, this week, another cool $6 million from the Canucks.

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