15 things/people that look like Daniel Sedin

The Smylosphere is all agog right now over Henri Hurskainen, the Swedish badminton player who bears a striking, perhaps even creepy, resemblance to the Sedin twins, particularly Daniel Sedin. Their shared country of origin and athletic inclinations make the resemblance even more startling. Hurskainen was even born in the same month as the Sedins, though it was admittedly 6 years later.

It got us thinking about what other things and people look like Daniel Sedin. And when we get to thinking, we get to sharing/inflicting those thoughts on you, our loyal readers. Here are 15 things/people that look like Daniel Sedin:

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Every Goal, 2011-12: David Booth, part one

David Booth wasn’t what Canuck fans expected him to be. He was billed as a power forward of sorts, as well as a linemate for Ryan Kesler, and neither of these things appeared to be quite true after a good long look at the guy. Also he was being paid $4.2 million and only scored 16 goals. Also he killed a bear. For these reasons, he was viewed as a disappointment.

But it’s not that cut and cry. Booth may not have looked like Ryan Kesler’s lifelong twin, but the two drove possession like gangbusters when they were on the ice together. He may not have established himself as a prototypical power forward, but those are basically leprechauns, and Booth was hardly a weakling around the goal. Furthermore, he may have only scored 16 goals as a Canuck, but he only played 56 games. That’s a 23-goal pace, which is decent for a second-liner.

In short, while Booth wasn’t what we thought he was, he was still quite effective, and there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about Booth’s second full season in Vancouver. Here are 16.

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