Every Goal, 2011-12: Dan Hamhuis

Dan “Community Man” Hamhuis making a classic derp face.

Dan Hamhuis is the Betty Draper of the Canucks’ shutdown pairing, what with his penchant for staying at home while Kevin Bieksa engages in all sorts of Don Draper-esque sexy plays and offensive dalliances. But, just like Betty Draper, Hamhuis can score (and he wears a 50s house dress like a boss).

Of course, as you’d expect from a guy nicknamed “Community Man”, Hamhuis is more prone to helpers than he is goals, but occasionally, the most helpful thing he can do is score the goal. Three of the four goals he scored in 2011-12 occur when Hamhuis capitalized on a Sedin play gone awry, converting their magical misfire so smoothly that you wonder if they meant to set him up like that. That’s Hamhuis for you, the consummate teammate. He makes everyone else look good. I mean, is it any wonder the postseason ended when Hamhuis got stripped trying to go it alone? That’s not his way.

But let’s not dwell on Hamhuis’s big error from last year. Let’s dwell on those times he lit the lamp. Enjoy every goal Dan Hamhuis scored last season.


1 | November 3 vs Minnesota Wild

Hamhuis’s first of the season is Moe Szyslak ugly-ugly, a tap-in in the Minnesota Wild crease. But it’s the product of good instincts, as Hamhuis recognizes that the Sedins are in the lab (otherwise known as “behind the net with possession”) and decides to volunteer as another passing option. Henrik uses him as a decoy, attempting to hit Burrows in front, but the pass is blocked, leading to a goalmouth scramble as the Wild try to clear the puck. Unfortunately for the Wild, the first defender to it is Hamhuis, and he clears it right into their goal.

2 | November 6 vs Chicago Blackhawks

Hamhuis’s second, like his first, comes when a bit of Sedinery goes awry and the puck comes right to him. This time on the powerplay, Henrik corrals an Edler pass in his skates and attempts a backhand saucer through traffic (as we all do when the pass is in our skates). But the puck deflects off a Chicago leg and right to Hamhuis in the slot, and he steps into it like a pair of pants.

3 | December 23 vs Calgary Flames

This time Hamhuis goes Sedin-free, as he flicks a wrist shot from the top of the zone and it goes off the post and in with that sexy “ping” we all love so much. Sure enough, as with most pings from last season, Cody Hodgson’s on the ice. Is it possible he just makes that sound effect with his mouth, like Cadet Larvell Jones from the Police Academy movies?

4 | March 14 vs Phoenix Coyotes

Again, Hamhuis is the beneficiary of an unintentional Sedin setup, although I wonder if this one’s a little more intentional than it looks. The play begins on a savvy move from Daniel Sedin, who fakes a slapshot to get his man to step aside, then flicks a wrist shot towards Mike Smith through traffic. Smith kicks the rebound out, but it goes right to Hamhuis, who shovels it home like The Shoveler.

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