Every Goal, 2011-12: Jannik Hansen, part two

The annual Every Goal series will run Monday to Thursday through July and August, remembering every goal scored by the Canucks, player by player. Today, we take a second look at Jannik “At the Disco” Hansen.

I’ve known that Jannik Hansen had the ability to score more for quite a while. You don’t undress an NHL defenceman like this (even if it is just Tomas Kaberle), unless you have a fair amount of skill. While 16 goals isn’t exactly lighting the NHL on fire, it’s a nice step up for the Dane who struggled to stay in the lineup for the first few years of his career.

Vancouver’s favourite Honninggrævling (thanks, SteveB) seems to be hitting his prime. Can he improve even more next season? Can he hit 20 goals? Not if there’s a lockout, but he’d be hard-pressed to do so anyway. Hansen is a valuable checking line forward and penalty killer and won’t be seeing any time on the powerplay. Expect him to once again start the bulk of his shifts in the defensive zone.

Still, Hansen was one of the Canucks’ most efficient scorers, finishing 5th in both even-strength goals and points per 60 minutes of ice time, ahead of second-liners Kesler, Booth, and Raymond.


9 | December 6 vs Colorado Avalanche

This brief highlight misses the best part of this goal, his second of the game. John Shorthouse’s call, immediately after this clip ends, was “Hansen’s got a pair!” Apparently that was too risqué for NHL.com.

10 | December 17 vs Toronto Maple Leafs

This is definitely a beloved goal among Canucks fans, mainly because of who Hansen victimizes: Dion Phaneuf. Phaneuf is a frequent target for ridicule and physical comedy from Canucks fans and players. For some reason, Phaneuf tries to beat Hansen to the loose puck at the Canucks blueline, a race he was never going to win, giving Hansen a clear path to the net.

Important note: this was the infamous goal on which Luongo was denied his assist. This goal remains unassisted and we at PITB remain outraged. OUTRAGED, I SAY. #GiveLuHisAssist

11 | December 19 vs Minnesota Wild

This is a great play by Hodgson, throwing a sneaky shot on goal while looking for all the world like he’s going to pass the puck to Malhotra. The shot doesn’t work, but Hodgson gets his own rebound and finds Hansen in front of the net, which is his second home. He doesn’t have much there, just a microwave, mini-fridge, and a futon, but it’s a good place to crash.

12 | January 2 vs San Jose Sharks

If you ever want proof that Hansen is a pass-first kinda guy, this goal should prove it. After four Sharks commit down low in the Canucks zone, Daniel Sedin, Hodgson, and Hansen are sprung on a 3-on-1. Hansen passes it to Hodgson as they come over the blue line, but Hodgson immediately returns it, apparently not realizing that the Canucks best goal scorer was also on the same rush.

Hansen, faced with a great opportunity for a one-timer, instead tries to pass it across the face of the goal to Daniel Sedin on the other side, which is a completely understandable reaction. Fortunately, the puck conveniently banks off the sprawled defender and in.

13 | January 10 vs Tampa Bay Lightning

Hansen’s lone shorthanded goal was well-earned, as he creates the initial turnover with a strong forecheck that sends Martin St. Louis’s stick spinning out of his hands. St. Louis decides to retrieve his stick instead of checking Hansen, who picks up a rebound from a Dan Hamhuis one-timer and shovels it past Roloson. Note the nifty play Hansen makes along the boards, as he kicks the puck behind his right skate up to his stick.

14 | February 15 vs Colorado Avalanche

Hansen’s goals seem to come in two flavours: hard-working efforts in front of the net or slapshots. This goal is the latter, as Hansen blasts a one-timer past Semyon Varlamov after some solid work by Hodgson to free up the puck along the boards. Of course, John Garrett notes that the puck deflected off the linesman, making Hodgson’s play a little less impressive, but I get accused of downplaying Hodgson’s effectiveness enough around here, so I’ll let the compliment stand.

15 | March 21 vs Chicago Blackhawks

Corey Crawford is terrible. So very, very terrible. Pahlsson makes a great outlet pass to Hansen, who bursts past Johnny Oduya and somehow shoots the puck off the far post and in from the faceoff circle. Wait, did I say “somehow?” I meant to say “because Crawford is terrible and leans so far to the left he makes Kim Jong-Il look like a moderate.” Man, that guy’s bad.

16 | April 5 vs Calgary Flames

Hey, remember when Higgins, Pahlsson, and Hansen were one of the Canucks’ best lines heading into the playoffs? Good times. That sure didn’t continue. This is another hardworking goal from in front of the net for Hansen, but I’d like you to take note of Bieksa’s point shot. Instead of just shooting it as hard as he can, Bieksa takes a little something off it, ensuring that he makes good contact on the puck and gets it to the front of the net.

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  1. tom selleck's moustache
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    I have no idea how that word is pronounced; but it looks like it would be superfun to say in a sentence.

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  2. the real bob
    July 25, 2012

    “Hey, remember when Higgins, Pahlsson, and Hansen were one of the Canucks’ best lines heading into the playoffs? Good times. That sure didn’t continue. ”

    Remember when Hansen-Malhotra-Torres were heralded as “one of the best 3rd lines in the NHL?”

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    • Ben
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      seems to be a common denominator there…

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