Every Goal, 2011-12: Sami Salo

I’m probably not Sami Salo’s biggest fan; after all, Chloe Ezra exists. But I loved the Finnish MacInnis all the same. He was a quiet and quirky character who went through some ridiculous struggles with injuries and yet never once complained. He was a steady presence on the Canucks’ blueline for a decade and I am still sad that he’s gone. And, by God, he could shoot the puck.

Salo left the Canucks as the franchise leader in powerplay goals from a defenceman thanks to his legendary slap shot that was repeatedly clocked at over 100 mph. In his farewell tour in the 2011-12 season, Salo added 9 goals to his totals with the Canucks, including a whopping 7 powerplay goals, which tied him for 4th in the league among defencemen. Salo was the go-to shooter in 5-on-3 situations, which he treated like a shooting gallery.

He may be pale as a ghost and look like Boo Radley, but Sami Salo could score. The following videos prove it.

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