Every Goal, 2011-12: Cody Hodgson, part one

Cody Hodgson may not have had many friends in the Canucks’ organization by the time he left, but he certainly had a lot of fans. His knack for timely, pretty goals saw to that. He was the Canucks’ best offensive prospect in years, which won him more than his fair share of hearts.

As for me, I’m going to be honest: I’m glad he’s gone. Not so much because I didn’t like the way he played — I did — but because he was Vancouver’s version of the cube from Transformers or The Avengers: an unstable, much-ballyhooed cosmic item that just makes everyone fight. The man was a lightning rod for controversy, and he left the Vancouver fanbase in a state of Civil War.

After this post, you’ll understand why people felt so passionately about Hodgson, because reading this post is like only eating the frosting in a pack of Dunkaroos. Since they’re goals, each video takes place in the offensive zone, which is where Hodgson did his best work and where his shortcomings — poor skating and backchecking — were at their least noticeable. Since most people don’t watch players when they don’t have the puck, Hodgson likely looked perfect.

If you don’t keep that in mind as we review his goals, you’re going to get really, really mad. Heck, you might still get mad. Maybe you’re already mad. I don’t know your story. Friendly tip: if you want to sound off, the comments section is below. Friendly warning: if you want to avoid conflict, the comments section is below.

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