Every Goal, 2011-12: Henrik Sedin, part two

On Wednesday, we looked at the first seven goals of Henrik’s 2011-12 season and noted that they weren’t particularly wizardous. Well, don’t worry folks. Henrik just saved all the magic for part two. There are some absolute beauties in this batch of seven, including arguably the best goal of the season. Even the ugly rebound goals are beatified in some way.

Henrik gets a lot of flack for not scoring more often, most of it undeserved considering his role as a playmaker, but these goals makes me wish that he did score more often: they’re just so dang pretty. I want him to score like this all the time.

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Mikael Samuelsson, on Canucks: ‘I didn’t think very highly of management”

Earlier this month, we celebrated when Mikael Samuelsson signed a contract to re-assimilate into the Borg in Detroit. The Red Wings are, after all, going to be featured on HBO’s 24/7, and something tells us that Samuelsson’s brutal honesty will make his interviews indispensable segments of the program.

If you don’t share our excitement, perhaps you need an example of this brutal honesty. Look no further than a recent interview Samuelsson did with Ronnie Johansson of HockeySvierge.Se, which can be found in the original Swedish here and originally translated by Canucks Army here. During the chat, the former Canuck made it clear that he wasn’t a fan of the Canucks’ front office.

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