Every goal, 2011-12: Andrew Alberts

There are some people who were put on this Earth by God to score goals in hockey. Andrew Alberts is not one of those people. Alberts’ purpose in hockey is tied to his size. Because he’s 6’5″ and weighs 215+ lbs, he’s expecting to throw punishing hits and clear out crease crashers. As a stay-at-home defender, he’s expected to use his reach to take away the opponents’ space to maneuver and cut off passing lanes. When he’s at his best, he should be unnoticeable except for the opposition forwards lying in his wake.

Thing is, when you’re a kid playing road hockey, you seldom dream about making the game-winning pokecheck. You don’t give the running play-by-play of your perfect gap control. More than anything else, you dream about scoring the big goal. I’m guessing Alberts was the same way, but things don’t always turn out the way we hope.

But in two games this season, Alberts got to live that dream. While he only scored 2 goals, they were both gamewinners. For once, Alberts was the noticeable hero. Here are those two goals.

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