Fan favourite Mason Raymond re-signs in Vancouver, everyone rejoices

It’s official: when it comes to arbitration, Mason Raymond and Mike Gillis are just big teases.

For the second straight time, the two camps have settled out of court, with Raymond agreeing to a one-year contract worth $2.275 million. It’s a 12.5% paycut from last season, which is good news for fans for two reasons: first, because the Canucks now have a smidgen more cap space, and second, because the flexibility has to have returned to Raymond’s spine for him to bend that far backwards.

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Every Goal, 2011-12: Dale Weise

I’m willing to wager that, if you close your eyes and try to picture Dale Weise scoring a goal, the only thing that comes to mind is the one he potted versus Ottawa. Admittedly, that power move was a thing of beauty (however aided and abetted by Chris Neil, who was supposed to be attempting to stop him), but it was actually one of four times Weise lit the lamp in a Canucks uniform.

It’s hard to picture the others, but that shouldn’t be too surprising — it’s hard to picture much of anything else that Weise did in his first full year. However, as forgettable as his rookie campaign was, I don’t think people quite realize how impressive that makes it. After years of fourth liners that were noticeable for all the wrong reasons, Weise’s steady, unspectacular presence was a tiny revelation.

Granted, an argument like the one above won’t make much of an impact during arbitration, for which Weise filed last week, and frankly, a little more edge to his game wouldn’t hurt. (Imagine if, for instance, he were as abrasive on the ice as he is on Twitter. He’d be beloved in this city.) But still, the early-season waiver claim was notably not terrible this year when that’s what we’ve come to expect from players in his position. In fact, at times, he showed some decent hands. Let these four goals remind you of that.

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