The 2012 Development Camp Invitees: Defence (Part 2)

It is time for the final instalment of our 5-part Development Camp Invitees posts. Part one of the defencemen was posted earlier today. Here are the final four invitees, including an intriguing prospect whose season was cut short by a brutal injury, a behemoth with a great name, and the brother of an NHLer.

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The 2012 Development Camp Invitees: Defence (Part 1)

The Canucks have cast a wide net in their summer development camp, inviting an astonishing number of undrafted and unsigned players to attend. While the camp is now over, that doesn’t mean that the Canucks relationship with these invitees is likewise over.

Several of the invitees, at least the ones that won’t be heading to college in the fall, are likely to also attend prospect training camp, with an opportunity to make it to main camp and earn a contract. As for the players that are heading to college, they now have a (hopefully) positive experience with the Canucks that may influence who they sign with once they’re done with the NCAA.

I have already introduced you to the goaltenders and the (many) forwards. Now it is time for the defencemen, highlighted by size, size, and more size. Also, a former Oilers’ draft pick with promising offensive upside.

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