The 2012 Development Camp Invitees: Goaltenders

Longtime Bulies will know that my favourite part of prospect camps is looking into the unsigned and undrafted invitees and seeing where they came from. The prospects that are already in the Canucks system are, to a certain extent, known quantities. Thanks to extensive draft coverage in the media, interviews and features on, and the frenetic googling of thousands of fans, we know a decent amount about each of them.

There is a mystery, however, surrounding camp invitees that makes them extremely interesting to me. While NHL scouting is excellent, plenty of players have made it to the NHL without being drafted, with Alex Burrows being a well-known example to Canucks fans. Maybe, just maybe, one of these invitees slipped through the cracks and is a diamond in the rough, just waiting to be shaped into a beautiful jewel.

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