Cory Schneider spends day with fan, reminds everyone that Canucks have two personable star goaltenders

Roberto Luongo has been spending the off-season (allegedly) letting everyone know that he’s a quick-witted and funny guy through his (alleged) twitter account. Combine that with the rumours that he has (allegedly) been traded to Toronto and you end up with a lot of Canucks fans who are suddenly (and allegedly) sad that Luongo might be leaving Vancouver. We only just now are finding out what a goofball he is and now he might be taking his talents to Sunnyside Beach.

It’s like people suddenly forgot that the Canucks’ other really good goaltender also has a great sense of humour and is an all-around nice guy. Thankfully, Cory Schneider stepped up to remind everyone that he is also a good dude by being his normal charming self during a day spent with a contest winner and his family. The contest ran through Panini America, who make trading cards, and the winner was a young man named David Almeida, who is a pretty big fan.

A fan of sports cards, that is. David Almeida is from Boston, so it’s not overly likely that he’s a Canucks fan. The video of the day is a little dry at times, but it definitely has its high points.

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