Alex Burrows scores goals, hugs goalies, is the best

Alex Burrows has scored his second goal in as many games since returning to the Team Canada lineup after his injury in the first game of the tournament. While it was a nice goal, it was just one of eight that Canada scored on Kazakhstan, who couldn’t repeat their gutsy effort from their overtime game against the US. It was probably too much to ask of the Kazakhstan to handle the US and Canada on back-to-back nights, and the game got silly in the third period as Kazakhstan simply looked worn out against Canada’s superior depth.

Fortunately, Burrows didn’t just score a goal. He also played a solid two-way game, seeing ice time in all situations, and was named the Best Player of the game for Canada. Even better, his wife, Nancy, and one-year old daughter, Victoria, were in attendance and got to see the whole thing.

Oh, and Burrows hugged Kazakhstan goaltender Vitali Kolesnik in the middle of the game.

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Finally, the footage of David Booth killing that black bear that you’ve all been waiting for

Hey, remember that black bear that David Booth horrified everyone by killing two weeks ago? I have some good news and some bad news about that. The good news is that we now have footage of the bear walking around, doing just fine, tipping over a steel drum — you know, typical happy, unshot bear stuff. The bad news is that the bear is only like that for the first half of the video. Then David Booth shoots him in the gut with an arrow. Yikes.

The latest episode in the ongoing saga of David Booth vs. nature comes to us the same way as all the other episodes, via David Booth’s Twitter account. On Saturday afternoon, he tweeted a video of the kill with the following disclaimer: You have every right not to watch just like i have the right to choose to hunt.

Please keep that in mind before you click play. This ain’t no Charmin Ultra Soft commercial.

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Drance Numbers: Investigating the Canucks’ prospects

Today is May 11th, the day on which the Canucks were eliminated from the playoffs in 2009 and 2010. It was seen as a date of bad omen during last year’s playoff run as well, although they managed to survive it. This season, however, the team is long since eliminated and we’re already looking to the future.

Heading into this June’s NHL draft and the offseason, the Canucks are poised to make major changes to their roster. One of their goaltenders will likely be moved, and that trade should net the club significant assets. The team is likely to pursue much-hyped NCAA prospect (and West Kelowna native) Justin Schultz in the offseason, and certainly adding a player of that caliber would give the prospect pool a massive boost. Meanwhile Gillis has the 26th, 57th, 147th, 177th and 207th picks in the 2012 NHL draft to work with.

With all of the uncertainty, I figured we’d take stock of where the prospect pool is at for the moment. What are the clubs areas of strength, what are its needs and what players in the system are likely to play a major role with the team going forward?

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