The further adventures of Luongo’s super-secret suspected twitter account: Escape Goat

When Don Cherry joined Twitter at the beginning of March, I must confess I was hoping for more unintentional hilarity. After all, Cherry is 78 years old, which isn’t normally a great age to try and learn how to use a new technology. Combine that with Cherry’s propensity for political incorrectness and his twitter account had the potential for awesomeness.

Unfortunately, Don Cherry’s Twitter account ended up being pretty dull, consisting largely of him pointing out when a player is doing well and linking to Coach’s Corner segments on CBC. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at how quickly he adapted to using Twitter; he adapted to the advent of techno, after all.

The one instance where Cherry managed to provide the Twitter world with a little unintentional humour came a couple weeks ago, when he weighed in on the rumour that Luongo had asked for a trade.

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