Kevin Bieksa pranks interviewer, does an entire interview pretending to be Ryan Kesler

We’ve said it time and time again this season: Kevin Bieksa is a blogger’s dream. Every single one of his interviews yields some sort of comedy gold, from animal nicknames to milk hot dogs to LMFAO references and beyond. But a recent interview he did with Mike Dunsmore of Fox Sports is the best thing he’s ever given us.

You see, for the duration of the interview, Bieksa pretends to be Ryan Kesler. Dunsmore approached Bieksa after the Canucks’ Game 4 win in Los Angeles, thinking that’s who he was. And Bieksa, recognizing the gift-wrapped prank the moment he saw it, just went with it. What follows are 2:40 of fall off your chair hilarity.

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Amazing fan art: a gallery of Canuck-themed nails

On Friday, while scouring Youtube for the latest and greatest in Canuck-related videos (a successful hunt — I found this parrot), I came across a handful of videos on Canuck-themed makeup and nails.

Considering the creativity and effort that can go into this practice, it instantly occurred to me that this was a completely ignored facet of Canuck fan art.

When it comes to postseason fan support, the playoff beard get most of the attention, mainly because the conversation is driven by men and, with a few notable exceptions, men are typically the ones growing out their facial hair. But turning into a mountain man is far from the only way to decorate oneself in support for the home team. Some wear colours. Some do facepaint. Some dye hair. Some re-paint and wear badass Boba Fett helmets. And a lot of women (and some men) meticulously Canuckify their nails.

Frankly, it seems downright lazy to ignore this pocket of fan support, especially considering how popular it is. Sure, this blog is run by men, but just because we don’t do something doesn’t mean we can’t feature it. I can’t draw to save my life; we feature drawings all the time. (Plus we love women. Heck, we prefer them to men.)

With that in mind, we solicited pictures of Canuck-themed nails and got some pretty cool submissions.

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