Video: Johnny Canuck returns to finish the fight in amazing short film

As Canuck fan videos go, filmmaker Adam MacKay-Smith’s Johnny Canuck series is completely unparalleled. The short films, which feature a lumberjack that bears a suspicious resemblance to playoff-bearded Aaron Rome fighting his way through a lonely world in which everyone and everything is out to destroy him, are moving, captivating and visually stunning. Plus the narration is flawless.

Now comes the third film in the series, The Unfinished Fight of Johnny Canuck. In it, Johnny axes a king right between the eyes, destroys a man’s motorcycle with a stick to the spoke, and punches a bear right in his smug face. It is epic and fantastic.

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On Dustin Brown’s hit, and the Canucks’ much-maligned ‘response’

Apart from the scoreboard reading 1-0 when the final horn sounded, there wasn’t a single image in the Canucks and Kings Game 3 tilt quite as scary as a stunned Henrik Sedin weakly knocking at the bench door after being rocked by Dustin Brown.

It was a clean hit. Still, it was a huge hit that, as far as anyone knew at the time, had knocked Henrik out of the game and potentially the series. And thus, it necessitated a “response.”

Ah, the rhetoric of the response. It seems to me that when hockey fans call for a response, they’re hoping that the offending party will be beaten within an inch of his life but that he’ll emerge from it with little more than a lesson learned, effectively deterred and uninjured.

From what I gather, public sentiment is that the response the Canucks mounted wasn’t appropriate. This leads me to wonder what, exactly, Canuck fans wanted instead.

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Bieksa and Kesler fan videos are a crazed fever dream

With the Canucks down 3-0 in their first round series against the Los Angeles Kings, fans are looking for something to distract them from their favourite team’s playoff woes. Fortunately, these two fan videos for Kevin Bieksa and Ryan Kesler are plenty distracting.

Originally made back in May of 2011 for last year’s run to the Stanley Cup Final, they somehow escaped our notice. I have no idea how we missed them first time around, because they are completely insane and awesome.

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