Video: Alex Burrows taunts Mike Richards’ alleged affinity for partying

Alex Burrows is one of the league’s most renowned (and some might say reviled) chirpers. He’ll say almost anything to get an opponent off their game, including bizarrely personal stuff for which he clearly does research. He’s admitted to checking his opponents’ statistics before games. You’ll recall his and Ryan Kesler’s taunts to David Backes back in 2009, which included mentioning Backes’s wife by name. And he once got Detroit Red Wings’ enforcer Aaron Downey worked up by making fun of the Downey family potato farm.

That in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of his taunts to Mike Richards was similarly tailored. After Richards laid the Canuck winger out with a big, open-ice hit in the dying seconds, Burrows went after Richards at the next stoppage. As the linesmen separated them, Burrows took a jab at Richards’s reputation as a partier by dragging his finger under his nose. Twice.

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Drance Numbers: Don’t trust playoff AV; stopping the Kopitar line is job one

Watching Wednesday night’s series opener between the Kings and the Canucks, I was wildly impressed with the play of Anze Kopitar, Justin Williams and Dustin Brown. They were a pack of hyenas right from puck drop, testing Luongo with quality chances four times in the opening minute. They caused turnovers with their forechecking, pinned the Canucks in the defensive end regularly, and worked together flawlessly.

It was Kopitar’s line who set the tone for the Kings in game one, muzzled the Rogers Arena crowd, and so handily won their matchup that, in twelve and a half minutes of five-on-five ice-time, they changed the entire arithmetic of this series.

But all the chatter the next day was about the impact of Dustin Penner and the matchup between Ryan Kesler and Mike Richards. Even Alain Vigneault glossed over the Kopitar line Thursday, spending more time on Penner and Richards than what appeared to be the real problem.

Magicians call this misdirection.

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A quick note for panicking Canucks fans


Stop panicking.

Like you, I’m disappointed that the Canucks lost game one against the Kings on Wednesday, and I wasn’t impressed with how they played, beyond the performance of Roberto Luongo. But I’m not panicking and neither should you.

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Apparently Canucks are not Canada’s most hated team

Apparently pointing out that some people hate the Canucks is considered news. Last week, the Toronto Star ran a column that quoted Mark Recchi, a Blackhawks fan, and a Calgary sports radio host and concluded that everyone hates the Canucks. The next day, the Toronto Sun suggested that the only reason to follow the Canucks was that even though they’re terrible human beings, they’re at least not boring.

That same story suggested that Canadian hockey fans should cheer for the Senators instead, because the Sedins have never taken snowmobiles to practice.


Then you have the silliness of the Kings’ official twitter account chirping Canucks fans about the rest of Canada hating the team. When even the teams from California are talking about how much everyone hates the Canucks, it must be true, right? It’s surely not possible that so many people could be wrong about something like this.

Apparently it is possible. Because an Angus Reid public opinion poll says that the Canucks are a long way from Canada’s most hated team. They’re not even close.

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