Stanley Cup Playoffs Round One Preview: By The Numbers

Game one of the Canucks first round playoff series versus the Los Angeles Kings is starting in just a couple hours. To get you ready, I’ve compiled a plethora of numbers from these two teams in order to draw some comparisons. Ultimately, the numbers suggest that this will be a tougher series than the first-versus-eighth matchup would suggest.

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Projecting the postseason beard growth of Chris Higgins and Mason Raymond

One of the most enjoyable things about the Canucks’ deep playoff run last year (apart from, you know, all the winning) was comparing and contrasting the playoff beards. By June, Chris Higgins looked like a mountain man. Mason Raymond, on the other hand, somehow seemed to get smoother by the day. By the Final, he looked like he’d been through a rock polisher.

With a new round of follicular cultivation on the horizon (beards make the party, after all), Tumblr superstar Anna, the mind behind inedible-sushi, has produced two doodles projecting the progression of both Higgins and Raymond this postseason. If last year if any indication, they are accurate.

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Your Canucks Bandwagon Fan Cheat Sheet, 2011-12: Appendix

The start of the NHL playoffs is an odd time for a hockey team’s fanbase. Co-workers and relatives that have never paid attention to sports will suddenly start conversations with “Big game tonight, eh?” Fans of teams who finished outside the playoff picture begin a slow and painful migration to half-heartedly cheering for another team. Even the casual fan will start following the team with a passion usually reserved for their significant others; meanwhile, those significant others resign themselves to suddenly having their schedules revolve around game time.

Yes, playoff time is the time of the bandwagon fan, and here at Pass it to Bulis, we are firmly pro-bandwagon-fan. We understand that not everyone is able or willing to follow every wrinkle of the 82-game regular season. While we appreciate those dedicated fans who watched every game with us this season, we also appreciate those who jump on board at the last minute. We get it: playoff hockey is incredible, while regular season hockey has the potential to be unbearable.

This is why we created the Canucks Bandwagon Fan Cheat Sheet a couple years ago, to inform such fair-weather fans of what they have missed. The Cheat Sheet tells you everything you need to know about each player on the Canucks so that you can easily fit in with the rest of the fanbase. It includes nicknames, what to expect, and things you should and shouldn’t say.

We published part one and two of the Cheat Sheet back in February as people first began hopping on the bandwagon, but there have been some changes to the team since then. Thus, it is now time for the Appendix, covering the new and potential additions to the Canucks so you can be just as well-informed about them as you are about the rest of the team.

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Daniel Sedin will not play in game one versus the Kings

From a report by Swedish website Daniel Sedin will not be playing in Wednesday night’s game against the Los Angeles Kings. According to Daniel’s father, Tommy (who is as it happens, Henrik’s father), the younger Sedin is still experiencing concussion symptoms.

While Daniel skated with the team in practice on Monday, he was not with the main group on Tuesday, skating instead in a shorter session with other players who were expected to miss the opening night of the playoffs. Tommy Sedin indicated that Daniel experienced a headache after Monday’s practice and has still not completely recovered from the concussion he received after being elbowed in the head by Duncan Keith.

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Stanley Cup Playoffs Round One Preview: A chat with the enemy, Kings blogger The Royal Half

The Canucks open their first round series with the Los Angeles Kings Wednesday, and we’re sure to get to know this team a little better over the next two weeks or so. Don’t be fooled into thinking you already know them — they’re not the same Kings team we saw in 2010. Coach Terry Murray has been replaced by Darryl Sutter, Jack Johnson has been effectively replaced by rookie blueliner Slava Voynov, and the troubled bromance of Jeff Carter and Mike Richards has moved to Hollywood.

There are other changes, too. Dustin Penner plays for LA now. Michal Handzus doesn’t. They don’t score all that well. And so on.

Really, when it comes down to it, what we know about this team pales in comparison to what their own bloggers know about this team, which is why we sat down with Kings blogger The Royal Half to get a better insight into his team and we’ll see from them over the next 4 to 7 games.

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