The Canucks’ defensive depth chart is a hot mess right now

You may have noticed that the Canucks are all in a pretty good mood lately. Alain Vigneault’s most recent interview on the Team 1040 was a gigglefest shy of the sprightliest I’ve ever seen him. The sometimes surly Ryan Kesler was a downright delight when we spoke with him yesterday over the phone. Cory Schneider spent the entirety of After Hours doing impressions (his Barack Obama was especially sublime) and shadow puppets (Barack Shadow-bama was the highlight).

And frankly, why wouldn’t they be chipper? The Canucks prioritized not getting hurt over winning nearly a month ago — the only wrinkle in this plan being when Daniel Sedin leapt headfirst into Duncan Keith’s elbow like an idiot — and yet, somehow, a second consecutive Presidents’ Trophy is within their reach. And, more importantly, it sounds like pretty much everyone from Daniel to Aaron Volpatti will be ready for the playoffs. The outlook is positive.

In fact, the only problem the Canucks face now is determining who among this sudden plethora of healthy bodies will play in Game 1. It’s a good problem to have, of course, but it’s still going to be a tough call, especially on the back end. The Canucks’ defensive depth chart is a mess.

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PITB chats with Ryan Kesler about first place, scoring woes, You Can Play, and abs

Ryan Kesler is currently doing some publicity for a new charitable initiative he’s involved in through popchips called Game Changers, where fans will have the opportunity to submit local charities and causes for Kesler to support. Submissions can be made on the popchips website and Kesler will choose the winning cause.

Because Kesler knows what’s up, part of this publicity included a chat with Pass it to Bulis. We spoke with the Canucks’ centre about his involvement with the charity as well as his team’s recent’ offensive struggles, changes to the lineup, and gearing up for the playoffs. And, of course, because it’s PITB, we also asked him about abs, nude photos, and shoutouts on The CW.

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