Henrik Sedin really is Captain Hook

Ever since Henrik Sedin was named Captain of the Vancouver Canucks, we’ve referred to him as Captain Hook. This isn’t because Henrik is a one-handed pirate who fights children and has a fear of crocodiles, but because he has a strong penchant for taking hooking penalties.

Turns out he has a stronger penchant for hooking penalties than even I thought. Henrik currently leads the entire NHL in hooking minors with 11.

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Canucks kick off ‘This is our home’ campaign, remind people that only idiots destroy their own home

If there’s an underlying theme in the Canucks’ This is our Home campaign, unveiled Wednesday, it’s faith.

To wit: the Canucks have plenty of faith in their ability to get back to the Stanley Cup Final; they have very little faith in the fans’ ability to make smart choices should the team once again fall short once there. Hence, the This is our Home campaign, like the season-long Heart of a Canuck campaign, is a thoroughly unsubtle attempt to remind fans that rioting is for jackasses.

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The Chicago Wolves’ playoff push could be made or broken this week in Abbotsford

The Chicago Wolves are back in town this Thursday and Friday for another two-game set with the Abbotsford Heat, and if you missed them the last time around, make sure you head into the Valley for one or both of these games. They might be the biggest games of the year for both teams.

We’re all a little spoiled here in Vancouver — it’s been a few years since the home team was locked in a nerve-wracking race to make the playoffs. But if it’s desperate hockey you want, the Wolves are where it’s at. There are 5 points separating 3rd from 10th in the AHL’s Western Conference, and the Wolves, in keeping with their wolfy nature, are a part of the pack.

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