Breaking: Manny Malhotra used to have awesome hair

Everyone knows what Manny Malhotra looks like: bald and beautiful. He’s been rocking the chrome dome for over 8 years, so it’s easy to assume that he’s always been bald. I just assumed that he’s been shaving his head ever since he was a kid or that his head simply never produced hair longer than a millimetre.

Nope. Turns out, Manny used to have hair. And not just any hair: awesome hair.

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Video: Dan Hamhuis talks fear of hipchecks and stolen Christmas trees on After Hours

Dan Hamhuis was the guest on Hockey Night in Canada After Hours Saturday night.

The Canucks haven’t been on HNIC a whole lot this season, which, when you think about it, sort of makes sense. Between their surprise Presidents’ Trophy win and the Stanley Cup run, they got a lot of screentime last year. You can understand why the CBC would want to spread the coverage around a bit during the regular season, especially since it seems likely that the Canucks will be the only Canadian team to talk to once the playoffs reach the second round — unless they underachieve or Ottawa, Winnipeg or Calgary overachieves.

(For what it’s worth, this new equity of coverage policy would be a lot easier to stomach if the Leafs didn’t remain exempt from it. But I digress.)

But Hamhuis’s appearance on the postgame chat program made it two weeks in a row for Vancouver players after Kevin Bieksa took to the chair last week. The back-to-back appearances for the two members of the Canucks’ top shutdown pairing made for a stark contrast. Where a fancily-dressed Bieksa mugged, smirked, quipped, and gum-chewed his way through nearly twenty minutes of awkwardly hilarious airtime, a sleepy-eyed Hamhuis respectfully gave mumbled, measured, straightforward answers to questions.

But, while the entertainment value may have dipped, there’s still some pretty good stuff in here.

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I Find This Photo Awesome: Tanner Glass signs a bear fight

I know, I know. We said we were done with Tanner Glass fighting bears. But this is just too cool.

As you may know, Glass was in town last week with his new crew, the Winnipeg Jets, who joined forces with the Canucks to treat us to one of the most entertaining games of the season. We treated his return as a chance to return to the bear-fighting well, producing a new gallery of photos of the Jets’ pugilist puzilizing nature’s giant, marauding, godless killing machines.

And that would have been that. But on Monday, Mitch Murray sent us this photo:

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Apparently, Mike Gillis hates Manny Malhotra

Manny Malhotra has been much-maligned for his play this season. The defensively-minded centre is on pace for his lowest point total since 2002-03 and has been relegated to a fourth line role, drawing criticism over what some feel is a deserved demotion. Personally, I feel that the criticism ignores the unique role that Malhotra plays in the Canucks lineup. As Thomas Drance suggested, Manny Malhotra is the Penny to the Sedins’ Inspector Gadget: he plays the tough minutes so other Canucks don’t have to.

What everyone can agree on, however, is that Malhotra remains a faceoff wizard. Now, it seems, Mike Gillis wants to take even that away from him.

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