In anticipation of his return, even more photos of Tanner Glass fighting bears

Obviously, our fondness for Tanner Glass has little to do with his offensive output. The Saskatchewan-born winger put up only 7 goals and 22 points over his two seasons in Vancouver, and routinely drew our ire when deployed on the third line. But, he was and is one of our favourite Canucks ever because, between his excellent opinions on community outreach, board games, and appropriate on-ice trash talk, Glass is simply one of the NHL’s best people.

Since joining the Winnipeg Jets, Glass has even proved himself as a third-liner, forming a formidable checking trio with Jim Slater and Chris Thorburn. He’s established career-highs in goals and points (although, at only 5 and 14, respectively, he’s still more of a natural checker). But that’s not all Glass has been up to. As it turns out, Winnipeg is just crawling with bears.

PITB has previously featured Glass fighting bears here, here, and here (and one time someone made a sign). With the Jets in town on Thursday night, I thought we’d look at one more collection of ursine pugilism from Canada’s best bare-knuckle bear boxer.

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I Watched This Game: Canucks vs Dallas Stars, March 6, 2012

The Canucks were bad Tuesday night, and not the Michael Jackson kind of Bad, which is good. Rather, they were the Colour Me Badd kind of bad, which is so bad it transcends regular badness and bleeds over into “baddness.” (My wife: do they really spell it with two Ds? Oh, that’s bad. No, honey. It’s badd.)

Versus the Stars, the Canucks were badd. They flubbed passes, left massive defensive gaps, squandered powerplays, and generated next to nothing at even-strength. To make matters worse, they were rewarded zero points for their efforts, which, while an appropriate reward for zero effort, marks the second consecutive game they’ve walked away with nothing. It was the first time they’ve suffered back-to-back regulation losses since November 4th. I remember that game. I watched it. Also, I watched this game.

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