How do the Canucks coaches record scoring chances?

We have known for some time that the Canucks management and coaching staff pay attention to advanced statistics, though it’s generally thought that they have their own internal analysis rather than simply using what is publicly available through Vic Ferrari’s and Gabriel Desjardins’

While Mike Gillis and the rest of his team tend to keep mum on specifics, Gillis talked about the analytical revolution in baseball when he was first hired by the Canucks and about being an unconventional manager, and there have been numerous other hints that indicate that the management team uses some form of advanced statistics. Of course, Gillis has also said that applying sabermetrics to hockey just doesn’t work. How much of that is bluster and how much is true remains to be seen.

On Monday morning, however, we did get a tiny glimpse at one of the numbers that Alain Vigneault uses to judge his players. He was asked a question about Chris Higgins and he briefly talked about scoring chances. While we’ve heard Vigneault mention scoring chances before, he actually got specific in regards to Higgins.

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On Cory Schneider’s low-maintenance relationship with the Canucks

It’s hard not to think a little less of Cody Hodgson in the wake of agent Ritch Winter’s admission that the rookie centre’s camp was indeed pushing for more icetime prior to the trade deadline deal with Buffalo.

Sure, such requests may “happen all the time in the ordinary course,” as Winter suggests, and perhaps this whole icetime controversy ranks high on the molehill-to-mountain conversion scale, but the mere fact that these discussions have become public knowledge provides a stark contrast to the quiet servitude of Cory Schneider.

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