Video: Roberto Luongo is the Last Man Standing

Despite months of superb goaltending, some fans just don’t seem willing to cut Roberto Luongo any slack. His (and the team’s) rough start against the Sabres on Saturday reignited the old goaltender debate in some corners. Heck, it didn’t even take a bad start by Luongo for the Team 1040 to ask which goaltender should get the start in the playoffs in their daily poll question just over a week ago.

On Saturday I wrote a post about how our perception of players changes the more we see them. Because Luongo gets more starts than Schneider and has been playing in Vancouver for a longer period of time, Canucks fans are far more aware of his flaws than they are of Schneider’s. But that argument likely won’t sway everyone, which means it’s time for something more flashy and visually stimulating.

It’s time for a fan video. Fortunately for us, KingOfTheIce71 made a great one.

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More signs from the ‘Twins are gross’ guys

Last week, we uncovered a strange photo from, I think, the 2010 playoffs. In it, two fans mocked Roberto Luongo, one with a bewilderingly vague sign that read “Twins are gross”, the other with the classic “crybaby” gesture. It was a hilarious juxtaposition, the nonspecific sign with its poorly executed dig at the Sedins that seemed to speak more to the fan’s distrust of zygosity, and the guy beside him, presumably confident the vague signage would reduce Luongo to tears.

It was maybe one of our favourite photos ever, and we had some fun with it. The sign was ripe for photoshopping, and we did just that, then invited you fine folks to join in the revelry. You have done so with gusto. Here are some of our favourites.

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