Trade Deadline Summation: What the heck just happened?

Heading into the trade deadline, Mike Gillis was expected to be active. It looked like the Canucks, who are currently first place in the NHL, just needed to make a minor move or two to address issues of depth. Instead, Mike Gillis made arguably the biggest trade of the deadline, sending Calder candidate Cody Hodgson to the Buffalo Sabres for burgeoning power forward Zack Kassian.

The move was shocking: there had been little indication that Hodgson was the block and Zack Kassian wasn’t on anyone’s radar in Vancouver. But it wasn’t the only trade that the Canucks made and, when taken as a whole, they do make sense. Let’s take a look.

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It’s Meme Time! Alain Vigneault laughs at things

When Alain Vigneault launched into a giggle fit during Sunday’s game against the Dallas Stars, the video went viral like crazy. Apparently people can’t get enough of an NHL coach, who is normally grim and serious during a game, laughing like a fool.

He was supposedly laughing at Vernon Fiddler’s impression of Kevin Bieksa’s angry face, but I don’t buy it. Fiddler’s impression was amusing, sure, but not enough to make someone laugh in such an uncontrollable fashion. He must have been laughing at something else. Here’s my guess:

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Chat it to Bulis: NHL trade deadline day live blog extravaganza!

Right off the hop: that graphic is terrifying. Absolutely spine-chilling. We didn’t make it.

NHL trade deadline day is reaching national holiday status here in Canada. Though very little actually happens, the entire afternoon is filled with talk of what might happen, and that’s good enough for most. For Canucks fans, the place to stage such Vladimir and Estragon-esque chatter is right here. PITB is livechatting the whole freaking day.

If we know Gillis, he’ll give us absolutely nothing to talk about until the final hour, which the rest of the chat will be taken up with nonsense: speculation, grumbling about sore legs, caffeine-fueled ranting, and debates about the merits of the final two-thirds of the Back to the Future trilogy. We’ll be joined by special guests from the Vancouver Sun and Canucks Army, and we’ll waste the entire day talking about nothing, much like the suits on TSN.

Deadline coverage begins at Monday, February 27 at 8am ET and ends at 3pm ET, with a great many deals trickling in after the official deadline has passed (there’s usually a backlog of paperwork). That means this Hellish chat goes live at the disgusting hour of 5am PT, and carries on until 1pm PT. Join us, won’t you?

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