Boba Fett Canucks helmet protects against concussions, sarlaac digestion

Boba Fett’s Mandalorian helmet is legend. According to a Star Wars-obsessed, nutjob friend that owns a replica, it gives him a panoramic view of everything, it records videos and plays them back on command, it dispenses water, and it helps to make the assassin clone a crazy badass. It’s also a massive part of his identity: According to Wookiepedia, once, in Boba Fett: Twin Engines of Destruction, Corellian mercenary Dengar asked him to take off the helmet and reveal his face, and Fett responded, “This is my face.” Did I mention Boba Fett was a crazy badass? Because he totally is.

Fett’s helmet is one of the great collectible accessories of the Star Wars mythology. But you know what would make it an even greater collectible accessory? If someone re-painted it in 1980s Canuck colours and got Kirk McLean and Dana Murzyn to sign it. And what do you know, someone did.

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