Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer kick-off event in Vancouver on Friday

We at PITB have a longstanding anti-cancer bias. That may be a controversial stance, but we’ll stand by it. Cancer sucks. But actions speak louder than words; fortunately, there’s a way to take action that involves playing hockey. Tomorrow at noon, the Canadian Cancer Society will be launching Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer for 2012 in Vancouver at Rogers Arena.

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Video: Roberto Luongo chats with Gerry Dee about getting old, booed, and hung out to dry

Roberto Luongo can get a bad rap for the way he deals with the media, but he’s not nearly as bad as you’ve heard. Sure, he’s never going to match Cory Schneider’s “well-spoken and friendly ginger” schtick (I think it’s a ruse, by the way), but Luongo actually has a great, dry, sense of humour and is quite comfortable making fun of himself in the right situation. Unfortunately, this dry sense of humour tends to show itself at the wrong times and, coupled with Luongo’s mumbled, straight delivery, often leads to misunderstanding and controversy.

But in the right situation, Luongo’s comic ability really shines, such as in segments with James Duthie, Cabbie, and, recently, comedian Gerry Dee:

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I Watched This Game: Canucks vs Colorado Avalanche, February 15, 2012

It’s been a month since the Canucks lost a game in regulation but, going into Wednesday night, it had also been 3 weeks since the Canucks won a game in regulation at home. The Canucks had gone to overtime in 4 straight home games, seemingly intent on giving their home fans more than their money’s worth.

Not in this game. Against the Avalanche, the Canucks stiffed their home crowd by only giving a 60-minute effort. Even worse, one of those minutes came after the Canucks extended their lead to two with an empty net goal, meaning Canucks fans only got to watch 59 minutes of meaningful hockey. Really, we should complain.

I watched this game.

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