If the Chicago Blackhawks need inspiration, they should look to the Canucks

In case you haven’t heard, the Chicago Blackhawks are going through a pretty rough patch right now. A 3-2 loss to the Nashville Predators Tuesday night was their 9th in a row.

To make matters worse, the tilt versus the Preds was the 7th of 9 straight road games for Chicago, so they won’t be playing on fresh legs any time soon. Worse, the group staggers into New York to face the NHL-leading Rangers Thursday before ending the road trip Saturday versus the Blue Jackets — perhaps the only time a team has looked forward to playing in Columbus.

When the Blackhawks began this losing streak, they were perched comfortably atop the NHL with 64 points. 9 games later, their 65 points have them dangling perilously on the precipice of the postseason cutoff, only three points up on the 9th-place Calgary Flames.

With a run of haplessness like this, it’s not surprising to hear many calling for drastic changes all across the board. Trade Patrick Kane for Ryan Miller. Fire the coach. Blow up the core. Fire the guy whose job is fire the coach and blow up the core. Reduce the population by one-third. Eat the living.

These are rash decisions, but the best solution might be even more rash: breathe deep, and take a page from the Vancouver Canucks.

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